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Thursday, March 12, 2015

2500 Hundred Students... 82 Languages.... How About Those Stats?

 According to WIKI the student population of Central HS in Manchester NH is 2500

  An article the other day in The Union Leader quoted the Mayor of Manchester stating that

there are 82 languages represented at the school. 

 From the Paper:

 While many immigrants enter the U.S. with dreams for a brighter future, city officials say it's their aim to help with services needed by new arrivals to achieve their goals.

"I think at last check we had something like 82 languages represented at Central High School," said Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas. "I asked a few years ago for a waiver from the federal government to exempt immigrant and refugee children from testing. I'm still waiting on that one."
The U.S. has accepted refugees since the early 1980s. New Hampshire welcomes between 250 and 550 legal immigrants each year. Most take up residence in communities along Interstate 93 from Nashua on up to Concord, with some showing up in Laconia.


 They have been looking for waivers to exempt them from testing. Can I ask how this will help with assimilation? 


  1. This is not an accident and similar "quiet invasions" have taken place all across this country. Multiculturalism is the death knell for the American way of life, Christianity, and Western Civilization. Look at England and a lot of Europe. Why on earth would a civilized people let their countries be invaded by hordes of muzzies whose goal is to change EVERYTHING about their hosts country they do not agree with or believe (i.e. sharia law)? Check out this link.

  2. Me thinks they don't want to melt into the pot...


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