Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Epic Barn Find......

Go to youtube for more info and read some comments. None are for sale. Just sitting there.


  1. That guy's been smoking fucking crack if he's calling those cars "In great shape"!

    Ever see a car that's been in a REAL barn for 30~40 years?

    It's completely fucking TRASHED.

    Rodents get in and nest. If you're REAL lucky, all they do is chew the wiring and other things.

    Insects get in and nest.

    Birds sit in the rafters and shit on the paint.

    And they WILL rust being in an unheated barn, which is barely better than being left in a lean-to.

    Some of those cars are almost beyond saving, like the Challenger with the missing doors. That interior is completely shot, and will have to be replaced.

    Every single one of those cars, with maybe the exception of the red 1966 Hemi Charger, will need a full restoration, new carpet, new interior, all new rubber parts like weather stripping, door seals, and hoses.

    And with all that junk laying on top of them you've now got major sheet metal repair on all the horizontal surfaces.

    I've helped dig out some of these "barn finds" back when I lived in Illinois, and you'd be surprised how much damage happens in just a few years of being stored like that.

    It's good they didn't get crushed, but that's about it.....

  2. All good points but if the majority of the original sheet metal is there then it is still considered a Holy Fucking Shit find.

    Cars as rare as these are most certainly destined to find homes with owners who have the means for complete restorations, guys like you and me couldn't afford the bodywork and paint, let alone a complete restoration.

    Think Jay Leno types and good on 'em I say.

    At least the history is being preserved by someone.

  3. I agree....most of these cars are good only for the chassis and the VIN plate.

    My point was the guy who made the video was going on about what "Great Shape!" these cars are in.

    He obviously doesn't know much about the shape they're in, and how much $$ it'll take to restore them.


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