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Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Shocked Face Holy Crap Moment...


   We are all aware that over the past decades the leftist's push to drive anything "they" have

 deemed offensive has been a full on push into the waste bin of history.

 Agenda driven TV and entertainment has taken over to brainwash those that choose to

 watch the pablum that's considered entertainment. For those that are paying attention

 it is so obvious and blatant. The talking heads are so out to touch with 

reality and so full of narcissitic personality disordered individuals that they have a segment

like this on the air.  Watch the first minute or so, you'll get the gist. This wasn't the

shocked face moment as it seems to have become the norm and shit like this is

why I have minimal interaction any mainstream TV.


 Back to the dust bin of history. 

It's amazing how much has been removed and how powerful the push to erase it has been.

During last night's entertaining I was scrolling through the 1000 channels of shit with nothing

on when I noticed "The Breakfast Club" was on the IFC channel. Okay, I can watch this

since it came out in the mid 80's and was a great movie from my youth.

I caught the movie right at the start when the gang is getting dropped off at the school for their

detention.  The narration is Anthony Michael Hall reading the essay describing each character.

My shocked face moment was about three minutes in. At that point the scene points to the 

"criminal" played by Judd Nelson. Since so many things have been "deleted" I was 

taken aback when the scene played. So much so that I had to rewind the TV and film it.

The shock was the fact that it made it to the toob and wasn't cut. I'll post it below the fold

so I don't offend any snowflakes.





Here is the 6 minute lead in that still contains the shot of the locker. ( For now).


  1. You know we've descended into the Twilight Zone when Toobin gets his job back after jerkin' off on camera. I read a post on one of the news sites earlier today about some first grade class being introduced to masturbation techniques earlier today. 7 year olds-masturbation somehow don't go together in my brain.


    1. Nemo,
      I guess that I have been FAR out of the loop, since I didn't realize that the perv Toobin had comitted the ultimate mistake, until he came back from his quarantine after pleasing himself. I don't actually watch that crap channel, so I would never have known had it not been for the only "news" show that I sometimes catch, The Five, showing it.
      While few men would ever admit to doing such a horrible, rotten, nasty, ungodly, and bad thing that of course sends one to hell to anyone, to actually get caught on national television, even on his low rated show, would make me ask the Appalachians to allow me to crawl into a hole in their woods, and become one of them, learning their ways, and forgoing the liberal BS that I pretended to side with, in order to covet favor with the left wing wealthy group.
      As to teaching 7th year olds how to masturbate, while this disgusts me, as I didn't actually come of age for that until almost twice that age, the truth is, there is not actual training needed. Just like breathing, you don't have to teach such a thing, it is learned on the job, sort of speaking. Not that I myself would know that, I just heard it from other guys, in the locker room.
      Just be glad that it was not a right wing pundit. The news cycle would have been so long, and the sex researchers would have been put in front of a camera for the first time ever, that they would have finally built up their retirement nest egg.
      Of course, most men have got the self control to at least wait to fulfil their sexual needs until they are not at work, but then, perhaps I am just making assumptions. Can I at least say, " Yuck!"

  2. Saw this yesterday, could not watch it. Sick bastards that is all.

  3. CNN: Trump stoken' a insurrection and Toobin strokin' his erection. Hard on for any norm to believe.

  4. "But but but it was just this one time. Honest! I wouldn't lie to you."
    Anyone who believes that shit is sheep

  5. "Falling Down" Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  6. Borrowing from Aesop, "Unless toobin (the left) commits seppuku", then honor will not be restored. Ohio Guy

  7. Bubba Wallace was unavailable for comment.

  8. Year Zero takes effort, comrade! It doesn't just happen organically.

  9. Has the moron considered suicide yet?


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