Saturday, March 31, 2018

By Today's Standards, These Guys Would Have Been Driven Out Of The Country.....


  1. Hi Irish,
    Of the several "Rat Pack's" in Hollywood, these guys were the "Last of the Best!!!"
    Remember when??? "Sigh!!!"

  2. Hi Irish,
    'From my last post.. before Martin, Sinatra, Davis,Jr. Pack.. there was the one with 'Fairbanks Jr., Rooney etc. The "Best" story I heard about that bunch was when Fairbanks, Jr. died.. after his Wake.. They came into the Funeral home, stole his body, took it to one of the guys houses, had one last all night party, stood Fairbanks up by the wall with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other and partied till the wee hours, then took him back, stashed him in his coffin and made like "Nothing happened!!!!" Yeah Right!! eventually the word got out but who cares?? That was Then!! 'God I'd "Love It" if My Friends did that For Me!!!!!
    (To be Continued!!!!!!)

    1. I bet it was a hell of a time back in the " Good ol' days!"

  3. well they're white guys and you know white guys can't be comedians anymore.


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