Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knuckledraggin is gone?

Hey Wirecutter, 

Alot of people are missing you. 



  1. Yea, I just went to his site and nothing....what gives?

  2. Yep, he may have become of victim form da' man and you all know what I am talking about.

    Is it a purge, stalinesque?

    His site is gone for now. I will email him and see if he responds.

    Damn, CG and now WC!

  3. Hey, I killed it this afternoon. Man, I've got so much shit going on in my life with family and III stuff that it was getting to be a real chore. I was having to force myself to go post something, you know? When it gets to that point, it's time to piss on the fire, call in the dogs and head for the Big House.
    Maybe I'll have time to hit this daily now instead of Saturdays only.

    1. Hey Ken,
      Thanks for the response. Be Safe out there. You have alot of fans! :)

      Please stay in touch,


  4. Glad to know it was YOU that took it down, WC.

    Understand totally and been close to doing the same myself.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Cheers Cutter. Yours was the first Patriot site I ever visited.Thanx for furthering my education and your excellent reference to this site! Keep your powder dry Big Guy!


  6. Wire.....
    See ya when I see ya buddy, take care......... ;-)

  7. Wirecutter:
    Your site has been an education for me.
    I have begun researching the people that you quote like Thomas Paine, but without your blog this will be much harder.
    Best wishes for the future from the UK.

  8. Hey WC,
    Your blog was great. I would always check it 1-2 times daily. I was really frustrated from not knowing what happened and probably not the only one. Thanks for posting here to let us know you're ok! Best wishes to you and hope to see the blog up and running again one day!

  9. You, Lisa, and CGD have a good one Ken. Just like motel 6............we'll keep a light on for ya.

  10. but!... i only just found the site! i haven't read the archive! and it's gone?!!
    still, did enjoy what i did get to read. maybe in due time you will start again.

  11. When the going gets tough the tough get going!
    Get your ass back asap Wirecutter!
    The bunker menatlity will not be accepted man!
    Hope to see you back soon....Good Luck!

  12. W.C., i just found your blog...And now it is gone.Stop the continued PUSSYFICATION of the country and Suck it up!! Come on, GET YOUR HELMET and get back in the game.....If it is not to be, well godspeed and stay low brother, Joe.

  13. I'm in withdraaawwll, oh the pain. WC, look forward to your return.

  14. Thanks for the laughs and the info. Favorite site on the interwebs, never dropped you a line or a dime. Regrets on that now, that's life in the big titties. Thanks for all the work brother, you will be missed. J Jones- South Saint Louis, MO Bushwacker, FUSA


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