Monday, March 23, 2020

It Appears China Is Getting Back To Work...fwiw

New data of #COVID-19 effects on the significant decline of nitrogen dioxide over China, now again increasing as lockdown is over.


 The new data analysis by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite reveals significant changes in the air pollution across China. Data analysis between late December and mid-March shows a significant decline in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions during China’s national lockdown in January and February, followed by an increase of air pollution once the national lockdown is canceled as life and industrial activity is returning back. We can see the very high values of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions before the lockdown, much lower values during quarantine and again higher values after it was canceled. This decline of emissions is a factual effect of the nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak.


  1. Slaves work when they're told to.

  2. paranoid that I am, I wonder how much nitrogen dioxide it would take to distort the photographs taken by the high resolution cameras (and other paraphernalia) we have floating in space over China

  3. It's been about a week ago or so that Chinese insiders said they had orders to run the factories so they turned on the power and run the equipment but no one was there to make anything. FWIW

    1. Actual the polution is from power plants not industry. So all you have too do is run the power plants to fake the data.


  4. Been watching the numbers on the Johns Hopkins webpage. Cumulative cases for China seems stalled around 81,000 for several days. Don't trust it, given report of 21 M cellphones going dark in China over the past few months. Don't know what to believe.

  5. The USSR had a special Directorate, the office of Strategic Disinformation, that tracked Spy Satellites and dictated what was camouflaged when and what electronic systems were active at what time.
    They hid the new stuff and showed the obsolete stuff.


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