Saturday, March 28, 2020

♫♫ She Makes It Look Easy ♫♫


  1. Huh, she must have been sober.

    1. I was surprised by your comment, I think it was Ann who had the drinking problem (and weight).

  2. So wish I could do that. My ex-wife bought an acoustic to kill time with, and I am seriously jealous of Her ambition. Thanks. Nice find, and I will make sure She sees this. (We are still Friends). Scott, in Ohio

  3. Not too difficult to do...on an electric guitar; those pickups grab any sound or vibration. You have to have some pretty damn strong fingers on the left hand to play acoustic.
    I can't play acoustic to save my sorry life.

  4. Hi Irish,
    'Reminds me of my "Post Vietnam Daze" Going to "MESA College" in Sandyeggo,..Spring 1971-72.. On the "Grass"' I should say "LAWN" in front of the Cafeteria was the "Gatherin' Place" Good Times and Guitars!! Have a Yamaha FG-140 I bought on my last WESTPAC Cruise.. Finally got to the point where I could "Bar Chord" easily and although I was no "Steven Stills" I could handle a lick or two now and then when my fingers didn't get "twisted!!!"
    'Love yer' Post of Nancy... She does it Good.. It's that as I call, "Twiddle finger hammer on!! that takes,... "A While!!!" to master... if you ever do...
    Still have the Guitar.. break it out now and then... as Bob Hope would say...
    "Thanks for the 'Mamaries!!!'"

  5. Really cool to see this. I lost it after her first strum of a chord, but watched it until the end. Cool.


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