Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sunrise, Coffee and a Train....

Took the coffee outside this morning. 
It's a warm 32°.
The birds are singing. 
A car passes by.
The neighbor's rooster is greeting the sunrise.
The low drone of a freight train slowly passing is in the distance.
For the moment, all is well.


  1. Groffes Grand Canyon Suite goes with mornings like that.

  2. With the exception of the 32 degree temp, that's how I want to live.

    1. It’s short lived. Once coffee is done either weekend projects or work week. It’s a nice break though once spring is here.

  3. Hi Irish,
    Where thefuckru???? GEEZ!!!
    It's 29MARCH, I am @...90*, 27', 00" W x 32*, 32', 45"N..........
    The A/C has been on (from time to time) at my house the last two weeks, I am runnin' around in flip-flops and cut off's and the "Crawfish" are PRIME!!! right now!!!!!
    Temps. have been runnin in the 80's during the day last few!!
    Dig It, I'm Lovin' it!!!
    Drug the cover off the QUEEN!!, Gettin' her "Shipshape!!"
    I'll Keep ya' posted!!!

    1. Same here. The only problem is the beaches are closed. No fishing or gazing at the fems in butt floss.

    2. Up in New England skybill. This week is rainy off and on all week.

  4. Lately here in PH zone 6b, the heat is on from 2000-0600hrs and the AC from 1200-1900hrs.
    Its always tornado season here.


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