Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Reader Sends A PSA For Those In Derry NH. A Fake Republican Running In Derry Special Election?? Updated


 Paraphrased email


This was on Granite Grok and it might be worth a post to this story as a PSA for your readers here in NH.

There's also some related links with screen grabs in the article that are worth a read as well

Here's Neils campaign page.

Thanks for the heads up. Please do your research before voting. Irish 
ETA  .. From the link in the middle of the GG post above.

 There’s a lot more of this. We have received extensive screen grabs of social media interactions that lead us to conclude these two things. Neil is a Democrat plant and has not converted to the Republican Party. And Mark Connors and Jim Morgan are coordinating a massive head-fake by convincing voters to register as independents who can then vote for the Democrat Wetherbee in the Republican Primary.


  1. Voting. Shit. They got the pols covered you elected a republican state and a democratic president. Vote for the democrat, you saw what happened in Calfutopia. Keep his sorry ass out of their, you know what you get with a democrat.

  2. The commies have MULTIPLE plans in play to maintain their grasp on power. One of those plans is to get THEIR people to run as GOP. Some voting districts can NEVER be won by a Demonrat candidate so the logical choice is to get a faithful Demonrat to pretend to be a Repubilicrat. All that matters to leftists is POWER, how they gain that power is irrelevant.

  3. NH is done.
    Cause it sure as hell aint israel.

    The slob flatlanders and there money have Construction guys booked for 5yrs out anyway.
    Its madness.

    And It sucks.
    Gd MA., CT, Ny,NJ slobs buyin everything, beinging there communism.

    Well at least it’ll be low odds the wrong trash gets taken out.

    1. Even if this guy wins, it won't tip the House majority. R's have the majority by 17 Reps with 6 vacancies. I do agree that giving Demonrats any advantage is a BIG mistake.

      Where the Demonrats overplayed their hand, was the push for gun control during the previous legislative session. The dummy Demonrats actually thought that the citizens would agree after the previous legislature passed Constitutional carry. All those Demonrat rep's that voted for gun control were dumped in the last election, including the dumb bitch from my district. She was a woman of color who should have known better given the history of Jim Crow gun control.


  4. Our Union has gangrene. As far as I know, there's only one way to limit the infection. If only the South had won...Ohio Guy

  5. I always thought NH-ers were dumb and fake repubs anyway.

    1. Being a NH-er, I can agree with you about fake repubs. Most of us "dumb" NH-ers are independent freedom loving patriotic people wanting to be left alone to live our lives as we choose. NH is one of the most free states in the present Union. The state has been infested with Massholes who come up and vote democrat, criminal aliens shipped in from every hellhole on earth who vote democrat, and fake republicans who can't get out of their own way.
      The only thing us "dumb" NH-ers haven't done is taken out the trash. That day is coming. And that trash includes people who think that they are smarter than us rubes here in NH.


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