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Friday, September 30, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... Now With Pumpkin Spice









 Stay safe out there and have a great weekend!!





  1. Not to disappoint you, but they deleted all of the hamster videos from xhamster.com two years ago, along with the horse videos, cat videos, and dog videos. Life just hasn't been the same.

    re: #31 - actually drove a 1969 Ford LTD 4-door w/ the 390....it was a very nice car.

    #50 - now that's art!

    #140 - i agree.

    thanks for the pics.

    1. I had a 1973 Ford LTD. 4 door hardtop, with the 351 in it. She stalled at the bottom of a hill, when I was less than 20 years old, and hit me right in the upright between the front and rear doors. I had my ex wife and my at the time 9 month old baby, in the passenger front, with the baby on my ex wife"a lap.
      I looked up, saw him coming, like a bat outta hell, knew he could not miss us, and told my ex, "we are going to get hit"! Then put my right hand towards the baby, trying to hold her in her mom"a lap.
      The car hit us, picked that huge LTD up like a toy, handling us around backwards into the ditch on the closest side of the road.
      My baby got a tiny bruise on her forehead, possibly from my hamd, my ex got her bell rung, but was fine. I had been thrown from the drivers seat into the middle of the car. A brand new pair of blue jeans, a decent brand, we're split down the outer sean, from the power of the blow. I ended up with a broken back, a broken pelvis, cuts and bruises,etc. Plus, a severe cut in my left elbow, which has been for 2 times before. The hospital was a kind of rural one, back then, so they sent me up to my room with our sewing up the cut in my elbow. My family doctor came in the next morning, saw that, and like to have come unglued. To make it worst, there was pieces of the steering wheel embedded in the interior of my wound, that required him to enlarge the cut in order to fish them out.
      He was one of those younger, go better types, in the hospital board, I believe,but down to earth as well.I played fast pitch softball men's softball against him. But I can get that he jumped whom ever was in duty in the DR that
      night got reemed.
      Someone told me the next day that after they have me a pain shot, in the way up to my room, I have them a hard time. I am a very mild mannered and easy going guy, so I was both surprised and embarrassed. I apologised to everyone I saw who might have been involved the previous night.
      It just brought back all of those memories, when you mentioned the Ford LTD. Having a Pontiac Bonneville hit my heavy car and flip it in a 180 and move it up the road probably 25-30 feet, the guy had to be flying. To add insult to injury, about 2 days later, 2 Michigan state troopers came wandering in, and handed me a ticket, for failure thyself right of way.
      Here in MI, you can plead guilty, not guilty, or guilty with an explanation. I chose the last option, guilty with an explanation. I guess whom ever takes care of those things liked my explainion, because my fine was only 20$.
      Of course, in MY back then, the auto insurance companies had to make up your list wages over What your job or other program didn't. My employer covered a small portion, so the insurance had to cover the rest. Once I went back to work, some 4 months later, having bought a Mercury Grab Marquis, another huge car, the insurance company cancelled me. I actually found a better, cheaper option, so it worked out, except now, some 42 years later, I have days where I can hardly walk due to the pain from arthritis. NO knew it was coming someday, so it has been creeping up on me for a number of years.
      Have a great weekend, and stay safe out there.

  2. I agree with Me.
    Good stuff buddy!

  3. Thanks Irish, I needed that.

  4. I haven't seen a "beaver pelt" like 112 since the 70's!

  5. #113 - Scarlett Johansson? #135 is more my speed. I can think of things worse than Vapo-Rub. Oh, there's Wifey, again.

    Thanks, Irish

  6. bacon wrapped pancakes. oh my god I must have

  7. Nice bouncy on 5, nice throw pillows on 6, 52, 85, nice everything on 25, 80, 101, 116, nice undercarriage on 44 right, nice older lady on 45, 53, 115, 135, nice beach chairs (especially the headrests) on 59, 127, nice Courbet on 68, nice bush on 125, 130.

    A good many honorable mentions as well.

  8. Thirded (Me and Phil). Damn that was good and with fur! Thanks, Irish!

  9. Thanks for the mostly untatted and unpierced ladies. Loving the slightly older beautiful ladies. Also, was that a broken bolt/oil pan pic? Big headache right there, hopefully lessened learned by the strongman that tightened it.

    1. That pic is why there is kroil.

  10. Number 68 for me. It's better that I don't know who she is or what she actually looks like. I love a hint of mystery.

  11. #126 is my local pier (South Haven MI)

  12. #126 is my local pier (South Haven MI, Lake Michigan)

  13. 10 - 12 Valve?
    16 - Last one around here was late 90's
    20 - I know which ones turn her on and off. Those directly affect the volume. Never found a mute button, though.
    21 - OK. Here's your dollar.
    28 - DOOMED!
    29 - I've always wanted my very own warrior princess for POTN.
    31 - I was thinking a V6 Camaro, with the SROD transmission and a glass pack. Makes ricers sound good.
    34 - The good news is; we got your oil drained......
    39 - OMG, I think I'm in LUST! Simply INCREDIBLE!
    41 - Pat Barrington of Orgy of the Dead, fame. Kind of a smut movie pioneer from the sounds of it.
    44 - Oh, yeah. Show time!
    45 - If ever a look said she hasn't had enough wine to put up with my shit? That is it.
    68 - View to a thrill.
    84 - A kinda hardbody; just about right, actually. I prefer softer. Ripped is a turn off.
    85 - That look says it all.
    97 - Classy and alluring.
    102 - MILF-OTN
    104 - Hey, y'all. Watch this!
    106 - Excellent proportions.
    111 - Sometimes the small ones are the most fun.
    114 - To bad she's so shy and introverted.....
    120 - The view I had 25 years ago.
    121 - Cutie.
    128 - Oh, that look.
    142 - Just be glad it wasn't Icy-Hot.

    Good eats, hot women, tasty beers. What more could I ask for?
    Well - tools, guns, cars, trucks......, but I don't want to be greedy.
    (Yes, I do ;-) )
    Good luck with the engine, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  14. Too many nearly naked ladies, not enough hot cars and food. (Said no one ever).

  15. Hmmmm...me likey boobies! Exceptional.

  16. I don't know how you manage to do it, Irish, but 'ya smacked it outta the park again!
    #45 is a "Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks" level of ZOWIE!!!

    1. And here I thought I was the only one to use that expression.

      Whitehall, NY

  17. #31 Michael Bolton and Neil Young?? I think NOT!
    #59 & #127 A buffet! Who DOESN'T love a buffet?!

  18. my computer displays the photos so that i have to scroll down to view them. now please tell me, was pic. #69 placed purposely after the view #68? "i gots to know"

  19. I have never seen a woman with two beavers side-by-side.

  20. My memory must be getting really bad. I once again forgot it's Friday evening and failed to catch FFF at it outset. Maybe I need to set a reminder on my phone for 8:15P???

    I don't know how you keep finding all these beautiful buxom babes, especially the red heads and the flashers, with nary a repeat week after week after week. I applaud you efforts at keeping your readers entertained

    Once again thank you for providing this much appreciated diversion from all the BS that's going on in the world and have a great weekend.


  21. Excellent collection!
    #30 sure what a surprise with those thin, delicate looks!
    34 is a definite bite in the ass!
    Man, that is a unique look at a boat-tail Riviera at 64! Awesome!
    Is 66 Lorena Garcia?

    That middle button on 85 sure is tough!
    Nice to see a reappearance of Sandra O.
    I like the morning beverages on 36 and 116...

    Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you do!

  22. Very good as always, with sporadic bushes to beat the ... never mind.

  23. 4 kasia wuczko smoke show. 24 Fuck that. 27 I'd like a little Sammi Jo. 29 Ellen Hollman. 31 Till the piston went through the side wall. 39 Pmate Debra Jo Fondren. 41 Vintage Pat Barrington. 44 Many Shark and friend. 51 Bruna Lucas. 53 Maddiex don't go there. 54 Funny shit. 55 Danielley Ayala62 Sandra B Yanna E its the same. 66 Lorena Garcia smoke show. 71 Josephine has a secret love. 73 Shay Laren. 75 Sky Bri is a naughty girl. 77 Lacey Pet as well. 80 Olivia is very veluptuous. 89 Hottie Holly Erikson. 91 Renee Valeria. 93 Smoke show Brooklyn Decker. 96 Nancy Ace, aces. 97 Jennifer Auada smoke show. 98 Valerie Irene Croat beauty. 103 Ekaterina novikova. 105 22 year old Kate Upton. 106 Faye Reagan is a naughty redhead. 108 P mate Hottie Heather Christensen. 112 Vintage German Pmate Denise McConnell. 113 Polish Klaudia is very pretty. 115 Shyla Stylez a naughty girl. 117 Diane Webber. 121 Liza Kovalenko. 123 Ukrainian hottie Nadia Rusu. 129 Annoyingjaina. 130 Vintage Pmate Linda Doucett still looks good. 133 German cutie Soraya Eckes. 135 Back when Vesper Violet looked good. 136 Natalya Krasavina smoke show. 138 Sanea Otterson. 141 Emilie Marie Nereng blogger like Irish. 142 Funny shit.

  24. A little late to the Friday party, but thanks Irish. Another great week.

  25. Who is the artist who painted #90?


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