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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Some Memes to get you over the hump....









  1. Thanks for the early AM laugh! Especially like #18 and #1. They will be back to back when I send to my buddies.

  2. And the sad part is that last meme "Still better than Trump" hold true with these media consumed liberals.

    They will blame YOU for their lack of electricity, food and safe shelter instead of looking at themselves as (even) part of the problem. It's "white supremacists" not the "poor folks" ransacking Wawa that's the problem.

    These were the Karens of COVID mask patrol that will "See something, Say something" to the American KGB.

    If they acted like that during reasonably "Normal" times when food and a decent power grid was working WHAT THE HELL do you think They will do when YOU have food and a generator, and they don't.

    The Good Old Days was last year. Read and understand Grham's Killhouse Rules.

  3. Here it is, more than 21 months months since Bribem was installed and Trump continues to live rent free in Demonrat heads EVERY SINGLE DAY and they still don't get it!!!


  4. I read somewhere (a blogsite maybe) that the shop teacher was almost fired last year for toxic masculinity, not using preferred pronouns or some such. So he went way overboard trans so he can sue the school when they do react. The school hasn't done anything so now the guys stuck in a dress like Klinger (except with ginormous hooters)


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