Friday, December 29, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....














 Stay safe out there and enjoy the long weekend as we roll into 2024..

It's gonna be interesting for sure.


Happy New Year, one and all.



  1. You certainly out did yourself this time. I will have to come back tomorrow and take another look. WOW!!!

  2. The beer between the legs cup holder meme forgot to mention driving “with a clutch”

  3. Hot damn that's one hell of a way to end 2023! Love the older ladies. Happy New Year to you and yours, Irish, as well as you and yours, Jeffery!

    1. What I am afraid of is that most of those older ladies might be younger than I am and know it.

  4. Hi, Heather, so glad you made it back, nice doorway on 13, nice thigh on 14, nice everything on 15, nice plush on 17, nice seat cushions on 24, very nice loking older lady on 32, 47, 81, 93, 014, 105, 106, 109, 123, nice bandoliers on 37, nice Twinkies on 42, nice 50s on 45, nice Ho, Ho, Ho on 58, hi, guys, nice shock absorbers on 67, 70, 72, 73, hi, Jane, nice flotation devices on the Lady of the Lake, nice bush on 144, nice bouncy on 141, 154, 158, nice I want it NOW on 166, nice Tool Time on 167, nice accessories on 168.

    Noble sentiment on 33, 94.

  5. Irish, the master of the pulchritudinous collage, has closed 2023 with another sensational edition of Friday Femme Fatale. Thanks for another year of buxom babes, Detroit iron and the additions of firearms and vintage aircraft to go along with killer memes mocking the the establishment, the literati, the deep state and stupid politicians(is that redundant?). Thanks, Happy New Year and have a great weekend.


  6. Holy Crap!
    6:30? I'm not ready yet!

    1 - Hold your horses. It's coming. Jeez!
    6 - Redneck cooler
    8 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    11 - A young and relatively sane Heather Locklear.
    13 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    14 - Blaze Starr 50's Burlesque Queen
    18 - That would be funny - no phone, no internet, me still in High School.....
    20 - Really like young MILFs
    33 - Absolutely. Heritage, History, Tradition and Honor.
    35 - I'd wager that is Andy Cohen's Interceptor Falcon.
    36 - GT40 - The winner of Le Mans and the scourge of Ferrari!
    39 - I see a bad moon a risin'.
    41 - CerderQ the cat.
    43 - Look at all the great iron.
    44 - Deer Camp of dreams
    46 - And what a pair they are. I'd surrender to those.
    47 - MILF of the Night.
    49 - Jennifer Love Huge-tits, errrr - I mean Hewitt.
    50 - What a super hot sexy BEAST..... and a vapid blonde.
    54 - Meh - Wile E. Coyote fell off of higher.
    55 - I'd reckon the end of the bubbles is where all the fun happens. Fairly sure of it.
    57 - Whiskey a Go Go theater Sunset Boulevard, W. Hollywood - circa1975 . Still open -
    58 - UK actress, Belinda Lee
    59 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Take your pick as to which.....
    61 - Countach!
    64 - My POTN
    76 - Mr "BuiltNotBought" should have made more parts to fix that POS.
    78 - Thought it a Bronco / Econoline hybrid, but is actually a Mexican market 1979 B-100. Neat rig. Super rare.
    81 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    93 - MOTN 2nd Alternate
    94 - THANKFULLY!
    96 - Jane Russell
    101 - That is really nice. Need to see all of her.
    102 - Fake AI rendering of Mariska Hargity, of Law & Order: SVU, in the buff. Seems pretty convincingly accurate.
    103 - POTN 1st Alternate
    108 - DAMN
    109 - MOTN 3rd Alternate
    143 - I've seen some of my classmates. The thought is just as scary as that image.
    146 - Topping off the old blinker fluid.
    150 - Irish's new stable hand? Better not let The Boss find her.
    161 - WOW. Those are some killer legs. Shouldn't be so shy and let us see the rest of her. Stunning, I'm sure.
    171 - POTN 3rd Alternate due to hardware.
    172 - Another contender - foot tat. Nope.
    173 - Every day. Every. Friggin'. Day.

    What a wild winter.
    55 degrees and rain, the end of December.
    This can't last.
    When we get hammered, and we will.
    It's going to be with a vengeance.

    Enjoy the weekend and see you on the other side of the New Year!
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  7. FFFF just another sign that all is right in the world and it ain’t over till we say it is!

    1. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??

    2. Lee Van Cleef is a badass but it has always bugged me that he’s from New Joisee

  8. All the F4s are great but for some reason this week seemed really good and timely.

    #3 reminds me of a birthday cake with the icing starting to slide off.

    What’s with the B&W trio in the cemetery or wherever that is? Just a random photo or is there known history? For some reason I like the composition or whatever.

    1. That’s Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef. The good the bad and the ugly.


  9. Milftastic! Thanks Irish. Happy New Year... Should be a doozy.


  10. Beer between the legs . . .
    A story I have heard many times: My dad's First Sergeant from WWII lost his left arm at the shoulder. Sometime in the early 60s, he was driving his three-on-the-column pickup, going someplace with his wife (an English war bride) on a two-lane blacktop in Texas.
    They stopped to pick up a young hitchhiker. The hitchhiker finally noticed that Dave was using only his right hand to shift gears and steer, except when he had to keep the steering wheel steady with his left knee when he retrieved the beer between his legs for a drink. When that was happening, he was, while steering with his left knee, using his one arm to hold the beer high and tilting his head back to drink - of course, taking his eyes off the road.
    After a bit of looking around and observing this (who automatically inventories the driver's arms when someone gives you a lift?), the hitchhiker told them that they could let him out at the next light.

  11. That Spitfire approaching the jetty at low level took me back to my youth when an F4 approached the shore at Ngamoto Beach, New Plymouth in New Zealand, probably mid 1960's, and accelerated away inland climbing. A rare sight to be treasured. So noisy, smokey and cool.

  12. Oh my Lord, you did it again! Thank you sir!

  13. Oh my Lord sir, you did it again. Strong work as always. Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope it isn't our last.

  14. MILF-O-RAMA!!! Happy New Year to All but keep your powder dry! These military aged men flooding over our border are here for a reason and I suspect it’s not a good reason either!!! —— Doug

  15. MILF-O-RAMA! Happy New Year to All! —— Doug

  16. Outstanding line up across the board!!! See yall in 24!

  17. Your increasing inclusion of more ‘experienced’ wimmen pleases me. Thanks!

  18. #18 - Try 1970, that's what I tell anyone complaining about how easy we had it.

  19. #143. You hadda do it. Thanks for the reminder. I think I saw a couple of cheerleaders in there.

  20. 7 - I have an F70
    25/26/30/33/63/75 - Aye
    44 - I could live there
    82 - looks like a Glen Filthie picture
    129 - oops
    156 - Want

  21. Drop my son off in 1985, he'd be right at home. Far from your typical millennial.

    Lives and works in the woods in Western Canada.

    Tough as nails.

    I think I may have got something right.

  22. 154 reminds me of an old girlfriend. She'd fall back into bed and not stop moving for 30 seconds or so. Redhead. Damn near killed me. Crazy, of course. But didn't mind too much.

  23. Some fine milfs in this line up

  24. Another great collection! Thank you!!
    And yes, it is going to get a lot worse. Prepare now. Pick up an extra can of soup or veggies or fruit each time you're in the store. Buy a gallon of water for future use. Maybe buy a life straw and/or a wind up radio. Get one that can also charge a cell phone...

  25. Keep up the great work, Happy New Year

  26. that rocket bouncing down the flight deck...damn man...that's a pretty high pucker factor...and all those guys just standing there...

  27. #34 : I know what car they own ...

  28. "Comments made in 1957": That's bullshit about half your income NOT going to the government. The top income tax rate was 90% from the 1940's until JFK slashed taxes - to 70%. (And the Laffer curve worked - the economy took off and the government was collecting more taxes than before.) But LBJ's "guns and butter" deficit spending caused high inflation and he applied a 10% surtax - a tax on your taxes - that raised the top rate to 77%. People that didn't pay much tax were either not making much, or they were very rich and could use all the tax shelters. It was Reagan in the 1980's that finally got the top rate down under 50%, if you only counted federal income tax.

  29. Beware of dog.


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