Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....



 Let's dive right in........



Hint... her initials are S.S.




  1. #32 is packing all the right stuff :-)

    Thanks Irish

    BTW do you have two identical beauties in this set? Not complaining

  2. Some great ones there Boss Man, right up until near the end.
    That bald guy with tits and a wig, that was bad.
    I had to go back up to the top and start over for Mind Bleach.
    I still really miss Lemmy dammit.

  3. For the first hundred or so I was getting a "this must be perky nipples week" vibe mixed in among some AWESOME memes and some heavy duty Detroit Iron and a couple of really HOT redheads, rounded out with rip it open right now snow machines. The town I grew up in actually had one of those things and I saw it used a couple times. They also had a couple of really YUGE front end loaders that only got used in the winter.

    Thanks for another beyond the call collage of beautiful buxom boobs and butts. Don't let your snow drift.


  4. #111 FTW! Something about those pics from the 50's, 60's, etc....

    Thanks Irish!

  5. Nice looking older lady on 38, 77, 78 (with a great I'm in the mood to go back to bed, dear; let me call you off work), nicely arranged black lady on 49, 51 (could have a bit more tush), nice contrast on 55, nice wild thing on 58, nice squeaky clean on 64, nice costume jewelry on 91, nice flannel on 113.

  6. 5 - Here come Da Judge.
    7 - Oh; it's you, Mr. Tyler. Going..... down? Hehehehehaahh, Ooooooo.
    11 - Yenko!
    14 - Aussie Nova?
    16 - Answer me this? Which has held up better?
    17 - Both, please.
    18 - Nice clean, survivor.
    20 - 71 Shelby. Nice, but not not the same as the earlier years.
    27 - I'm thinking Tomcat. Not flat enough to be a Hornet.
    33 - Jessica Rabbit never looked so good.
    34 - Looks comfy. Couch seems nice, too.
    35 - Dangerous, but worth it.
    46 - I've never seen a saddle-horn-dildo before. Hence her smirk, I imagine.
    59 - Cue, ZZ Top.
    93 - My POTN
    95 - Absolutely gorgeous and I love her eyes. But, no freckles at all? Curious. Must investigate further...down.
    110 - The more things change....
    127 - Because, SCIENCE! Or, would that be, The Science. Not actual science, but what pretends to be.
    137 - DAMN, that is nice.
    142 - My daughters' role model. Current Beth, not the younger version.
    145 - Thar she blows! I'm going to try to harpoon her.
    147 - Hold on. I got some beads for ya.
    153 - POTN Alternate.
    165 - A young Sharon Stone.
    170 - The Farm has written off Carhartt. We don't support those, who support our enemies.
    174 - There isn't money in achieving either. So you'll never see it.
    218 - I've never suffered fools well.
    221 - WHY!? Why do you keep doing this to us?
    222 - Hold on Irish. They are coming to the rescue!
    223 - Almost there.......

    Well it was almost completely awesome, from start to finish, until we hit the trans-testical. I'm beginning to sense a return to your old ways.
    And NO, I don't want that damn picture sent to me again. I still have nightmares about that.

    Hope the Nor'Easter doesn't pound you too bad. Though from the map, you look to be in the thick of it. Good luck and stay warm, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  7. Nice collection of pics and memes. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The last couple reminds me in my younger days

  9. 221 scared me so bad I nearly shit myself...but luckily there were plenty of titty drops from real women. Saved again!

  10. Perfect as always!!
    Still laughing at some of the memes.

  11. 88 and 115 are the same, not a complaint, just a note. The rest is excellent as always.

  12. Another great week of everything, including the memes. I am fully armed to start rememeing.
    Is that a word?
    Is it better without the third e?

    I don't think so. The things that keep me awake at night. Good caption for that meme of wife in bed saying "I'll bet he is thinking about other women"...

  13. 13 Pmate Julianne Kissinger. 17 Korean beauty and singer Hyuna. 24 It's called the fuckening. 26 Anastasia Kvitko. 34 Nice find but could not be found. 35 pashence marie 37 Alex Lolly. 38 Don't know but I'd like to. 39 Is that Sam Frost? 42 Nicole Snow. 44 The Geri Burgis smoke show. 46 Visit Ukraine for Marilu A aka Dasha. 48 The curvy Raquel Duarte. 50 Shion Utsunamia. 54 Heather Carolin. 57 Sandra Otterson would do ya. 67 Igor Vorobey is a lucky man. Thats all I got for now back to the grind

  14. Was that Lemmy? Almost looks like his mole.

    And let's all stop using the term trans, transgender, or transsexuals. Those are THEIR terms, and have no basis in reality. There are mentally ill men and women who play dress up (transvestites - an acceptable word), who take dangerous hormones and hormone blockers, and have genital mutilation surgery, but there are none that have ever changed their sex chromosomes from XX or XY to the opposite, and so have never changed their sex. When we use their language, we endorse their twisted version of reality.

  15. Another great set! Thanks!

  16. 34, 77, 111, and 205. So many others, lovely, thanks.

  17. If this is already known. SS is Sharon Stone.


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