Sunday, January 23, 2022

♫♪♫ One Song That Brings You Memories Of Innocence and The Back Seat Of The Car......♫♪♫








  1. Mickey Thomas resurrected that band from the dead.
    His voice is instantly recognizable.

  2. Marty Balin.
    Singer and composer... and magician.

  3. Her name was Joanie. 5'5", blond hair to the bottom of her jeans pockets and many freckles. Drove a Pontiac Sunbird and I had my fathers old Plymouth station wagon. Contortions for the Sunbird, pure fun in the Plymouth. Was going to marry that girl once we both finished college but...her father put an end to that. I was in Army ROTC and her family was Naval academy for 3 generations. Never realized service discrimination existed back then. Her father was very wealthy and threatened the cut off of funds and family if she were to marry me. Years later, found out she married a Navy guy just like Daddy wanted. What a blast from the past...

  4. There was no innocence in the back of my car...

  5. Her name was Patricia, six foot tall, slender with the right curves. We were set up together on a blind date in the fall of '75. Starship was in concert at our college, and I was a poor freshman, I could barely afford the tickets.
    I remember listening to this song while in the upper seats, holding her hand. Sigh.


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