Saturday, January 29, 2022

How The Great Lakes Were Formed....









  1. And here I thought it was Paul Bunyan all these years....

  2. That was interesting, and to think, being from Grand Rapids, I was part of that...

  3. Speaking of ice ages, I'm dieing here. Getting crushed under 4" of snow after 15 hours of steady snowfall and terrific winds that piled up that 4" into 5" drifts. Some blizzard!

    Meteorology. The only profession, except .gov health administration, where you can be wrong 99.9999999% of the time and remain employed. ;-))


  4. Maybe I’m missing something here. Schools in Northeast Ohio taught us kids this shit in the 1960’s. These guys are acting like they just figured it out. Morton Salt was mining under Lake Erie a hundred years before I was born. Science and shit, they didn’t just invent it. Eod1sg Ret

    1. I remember learning all this in 8th and 9th grade too here in Cleveland. They sound so dire about the falling water levels but Lake Erie has been way above normal for a couple of years.


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