Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Remember The Woman That Was In Touch With The Monkeys? -Updated



  It seems her facebook page where she was posting is pretty well cleaned up.


Strange. There are only 3 posts and lots missing from what I saw the other day. 


IF you had checked it out the other day you will seen it's damn sparce.



Update... As of now 6am 1/27 there is a new post and the typical back and forth arguing in 

the comments section. Maybe she just took everything down herself. Who knows?. 

The only reason I choose to follow this is, many times in the past there are cases where 

something out of the ordinary happens and suddenly social media of the involved is wiped clean.


  1. Replies
    1. It’s totally gone now. Even typing in her name you get no search results. WTF?

    2. So what were the monkeys infected with and what was the real reason the cdc was shipping them to florida?


  2. You won’t find her in the physical world, either. She has been “disappeared”.

  3. Some were saying early on she "smelled" like a "Crisis Actor". Just in time for the "accident", stuck around for a interview with the news but NO Police Report, then gone.

    That her "Fakebook page" was sparce and disappearing seems to support the "Crisis Actor" idea?

    Either that or 7 monkeys plague movie is going live.

  4. I'm going with the crisis and lies narrative. Ohio Guy

  5. The correct term is "memory hole".

    - Orwell, G. 1984

  6. Omonkeycron variant.

  7. Crap. Now we'll never know if she gave birth to Bat Boy.

  8. I started thinking. "FALSE FLAG" yesterday. I looked up a bunch of known crisis actors and she really resembles one. I think they want us scared shittless. Or could be a "warning" from cabal. See what we could do? Something smells about this whole thing....

  9. Not the Monkey virus says Ms. Fallon


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