Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Chief Nosewetter Offers An Outline For A Great Novel...


 Let me offer my take on our current situation. 

Has anyone thought about the revealing of the damage caused by the jab has been part of the plan all along? Some of these anti-vax people on the web stink of controlled opposition to me. The goal of this evil cult has always been forming a global government.

 When the body count increases people will revolt against their governments. Possibly to the point of bringing down all the world's governments. Add to that a limited war with Russia? 

Our depleted "woke" weakened military may be ripe for a fall. These dark cult members will retreat to their underground bukers and ride it out for a year or two. Then re-emerging and offering the survivors their world government solution after culling the population. 







  1. They definitely have a plan and your theory makes sense. I can't decide if they are competent enough to pull it off or not. When I talk about competence I am not talking about the puppets like biden et al, but the real powers behind the scenes.

  2. At this point I discount nothing, we are in the fog of war, and discernment is difficult to say the least. Having said that, to date discerning the truth has been made somewhat easy, as the opposition squelches it as soon as it is voiced. Just follow what is being taken down as "misinformation" by Fuckedbook et al. Conversely, all their Big Lies are just that i.e. CTR, BLM, manmade global warming, free elections, etc.
    Now to your point. No I do not think revealing the jab was part of the plan, these "elite" are not very elite are they? My take is that their SPECTRE/SMERSH plan didn't even need James Bond to kill it their plan sucked and was not well thought out.
    My further take is that the plan was not ready, but the Soros' etc were getting old and tired of waiting. But who knows?

  3. Yup, saw that voiced yesterday, forget which blog, was unhappy I hadn't thought of that. Answering your question, they are absolutely capable of that. They have thousand year plans. Near immortal Satanic minions get incredibly smart/experienced not having to start over every 50-80 years. They are not completely immortal, and they are not immune to the rule of 7.62.

  4. Yup, saw that voiced yesterday, forget which blog, was unhappy I hadn't thought of that. Answering your question, they are absolutely capable of that. They have thousand year plans. Near immortal Satanic minions get incredibly smart/experienced not having to start over every 50-80 years. They are not completely immortal, and they are not immune to the rule of 7.62.

  5. In 5 years that will be a fact not fiction....

  6. Your feelings are similar to a lot of people. Long video but should be watched by all.....https://rumble.com/vt3b40-vax-die-off-for-next-three-years-clif-high.html

  7. I'm thinking never attribute malice to that which may be explained by stupidity (and incompetence). I don't think these guys are that smart. Murphy's law and the law of unintended consequences still are in play here.

    A few generations ago we were building jet fighters and rockets with slide rules. Now, we have a way to big population that curls up in a ball if the wrong made up pronoun isn't used.

    I'm not big on conspiracy theories because what I said above. Someone would screw up. Someone would blab. And the plan only works if no one knows. Otherwise the risk of backfire is yuge.

    Could be just money. Pfizer and Moderna made billions practically risk free and got gobs of data on mRNA technologies that would've taken them years to accumulate.

    The fourth turning is in play here. Long gone are those with altruism, skill, and intelligence. The net of all this is we have a society that has forgotten the lessons of our forefathers, and are destined to painfully relearn those lessons. The vax is only one facet of it.

  8. Yea, whatever! Scripture lays all of it out including the marking(6666666666) and Im not sure why so many are surprised at anything thats happening. We need more of "I dont give a fuck" and keep moving on and ignoring these psychopaths. They count on the gossip fence to move the agenda.....ignore them on all levels.
    The bunker only works until the guys with attitude, backhoe, large cutting torch and a truck bed of gas and fuel get there.


  9. All plausible. Re-emergence tongue over the ashes of a destruction they started, propagated and caused.

  10. Agenda 21 - population reduction to a "manageable level" as part of a larger "Global Governance".
    Getting downright Biblical, we are.
    Read here, but you can't see the videos; screwtube has yanked their account.

    Consider the ramifications of that.

  11. Please, what ever you are smoking can you give me some!
    Seriously thought, I have never thunk of that, WOW!
    Well, we just have to take the swamp out before they get to their bunker.??


  12. I think you're right about global gov't being the end goal.
    The possibility I've been thinking about is that the jab is the real bio-weapon. The more jabs you get the weaker your immune system becomes. It would be foolish to assume that a trigger hasn't already been developed as a "reset" for a more compliant population. The evil of gain of function is that can easily target the undesirables.

    1. "Vaccine" isn't a true vaccine like smallpox or polio. Everything surrounding Covid has been medically unsound and BS. The WHO and CDC just recently reversed themselves on a few things, like natural immunity and the WHO saying constant boosters are bad for long term health and immune systems.

  13. You mention “limited war” with Russia. Can’t see that staying limited nor conventional. Our military’s been gutted to the point that conventional warfare is obsolete. We can’t get food to our citizens, how are we supposed to supply an army with ordnance and rations? It’ll go nuke, and rapidly, and it’ll be our guys who pop the first one. After that it’s anyone’s guess.

  14. If your version occurs may I suggest eliminating ALL of the DC politicians and families, The full Joint Chief of Staff and all 3-4 star generals, the leaders and the top 500 staff of all of the alphabet govt agencies with extreme prejudice. These people have abandoned the Constitution, taken extreme power by using Covid as a excuse and will not give the power back to Americans unless you point a gun at them and be willing to use it. This sounds extreme but if you are going to go to war, cure the problem by taking the problem people off the board. Prove me wrong.

  15. Certainly, someone will try. They will fail.

  16. FACT: I'm a 79 yr. old relatively healthy white male who got 2 Moderna shots in March 2021 and a booster in October 2021. 3-Weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with acquired Hemophilia-A. I believe the shots triggered it. Change my mind.

  17. As to hiding in bunkers. Wherever they are, they need air. We can re-enact the final scene from the Dirty Dozen, where the commandos pour gasoline down the Nazi air vents and Jim Brown then runs by each vent and drops in a couple grenades.

  18. The only problem with the whole Agenda 21 stuff is that the ones who want to be the "survivors" are killing off those that actually do any work. If they do survive they're going to be in for a very rude awakening when they do emerge and find out that they can't fly their toy planes to parties, can't use their super yachts, can't even find food other than their stockpiles.

  19. TPTB release the next strain of virus which targets the unvaxxed. Those who have the jab are not affected.
    The pureblood-critical thinkers-alpha-real men and women perish leaving the sheep to be ruled.

  20. I'd like to think I'll be able to live out a "normal" lifespan but it looks that that may not be in the cards. However, I've lived longer than many that have come and gone on this earth and consider myself lucky to have lived through the greatest days of the greatest civilization among those that have come before. There won't be another like America of old ever again. Glad I'm not a young'un anymore and much of this passes me by ... until FEMA gets down to my level.

  21. I always believed that the next World War would not be the governments of the world against each other, but the citizens of the nations against their own governments, a mass revolution. Once that is complete it will revert to a typical civil war with factions within each nation fighting to fill the power vacuum left behind. We can but pray for something along the lines of the American Revolution or at least the French Revolution if that is all we can muster.

  22. What is the trigger for the deaths?

    I mean, how it it triggered?

    It's not that I think you are incorrect, just incomplete.

  23. It ain't about anything but control. I live in the free state of Florida. I still see plenty on "maskholes"
    Unvaxxed antibody positive, never any symptoms.
    Look at LA, DC, Seattle. Even worse. Australia and Austria.
    This don't end.
    It could end if enough people stood up against it. But that will never happen.... Sad.

  24. That very scenario popped into my head about 4 days ago. Hadn't read anything about it but it was kind of a "What if...". But, even with all their planning, the pusher's (not gonna call them 'elite' because they're not) plans will have holes that will create big problems for them. Some of them enumerated here but also many unseen. I'm not 100& sold on the Revelations idea because it very clearly says "No man will know." But it sure does look like a good copy. I don't believe that's a reason to stop fighting it. This could even be a test run for something else entirely. When some of the big players like soros, schwab, etc. get taken down I'll start to believe it's ending.

    One of the things that this has revealed, is how deep the corruption and evil goes. No wonder there needs to be a New Heaven and Earth. If only to get rid of the psychopaths that control industry. there's a lotta shit that needs to be flushed and most of it is the pushers and their connections.

  25. Anti-vaxxers are not the controlled opposition. They are simply people who watched and listened and as red flags were waved, they made a personal decision. Some of the commentors are, in fact, the controlled group. I have naturally acquired immunity which will.xocer even the variants because that is how acquired immunity works. As soon as CDC and Fauci said the man made stuff was superior to natural acquired immunity (red.flag), Heart attacks in kids is totally normal (red flag). When people begin to get sick, the vaxxed won't want to admit they did not think things thru and will have to blame the unvaxxed. No one wants to admit they were duped. However, seeing as the FDA and Red Cross are advising that the vaxxed should not donate plasma, the unvaxxed may, in fact, save humanity.

  26. Yo want answeers?
    Read https://rogueopsnovels.com/covid-19-world-war-iii/

  27. Been ruminating on this very idea myself. It is a plausible theory. When you consider all that has gone down over the past two years, it could happen. And if you would have asked this question 18 months ago I'd given it a 75% chance. But as year 2 begins ticking down towards year 3, I am seeing a change. People are standing up to the Branch Covidians and many of the other tyrants. Parents are saying no to school boards. Conservatives are beginning to say no to the RINOs. Masks are coming off. The media is beginning to question the administration's narrative. People are laughing at the Karens of the world. Booster shots are not being taken. Could it still happen? Yep. They currently own the high ground, but it is beginning to crumble. They still own the media, although the grip has loosened a tad. They still own the administrative state, but we see them now. And they own the intelligence apparatus, however, we know this. If it's gonna happen it will have to be soon.


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