Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......










Enjoy The Weekend... Stay Safe.


  1. All of these remind me of "Paradise by the dashboard lights". What's better than remembering back in the day when you and your stacked horny girl friend were naked in the front or back seat of your first ride getting it on.

    Thanks for another OUTSTANDING collage. Have a great weekend and try to stay warm. Already down to 12F to the west of casa Irish.


  2. This week has to be up there as one of the best of all time. Hot damn!

    Thanks Irish!

  3. Where is #91? Not the girl, I'm married. It looks amazing.

  4. Nice wake-up on 5, nice flannel on 20, nice flute on 25, nice tush on 46, nice haunting classic on 58, 135, nice chubby on 59. nice pillows on 63, nice older lady on 116, 117, 170, nice bouncy on 203, 209, nice hello, dear, you arrived not a moment too soon on 211, nice tummy on 234.

    Tell 65 it's time to come inside. I see 178, too.

    PS If you think 222 is real, you don't remember 2008 - 16.

  5. Occupied 0ccupied, those that know will get it.

  6. #9 my High school girl friend but with B cup puffies. She was an orgasm machine. She could sit on a running truck hood and fall over quivering in orgasmic bliss. She is on husband #5 now.

    1. Must have been some great high school years 👍🏻

  7. That open trench the sheep fell in is a serious disaster waiting to happen

  8. 4 - Saaaaiilling; takes me away....
    5 - Good morning, indeed.
    7 - Curtis P40 Warhawk
    8 - POTN
    10 - Yup. Mr Green Jeans, too.
    11 - Get off the phone!
    13 - Built, but not over done.
    29 - Looks dangerous, but fun.
    31 - POTN Alternate
    32 - B-25 Mitchell
    35 - Nice, clean original.
    41 - My view, from 20 years ago.
    46 - I'd plow that.
    57 - Is it real?.....
    61 - Damn, that is nice.
    65 - WTH am I looking at? Back-ass? Ass-back? Never mind, I'm going in anyway.
    70 - IBTC Chairperson of the Week.
    76 - Giddy up!
    97 - Love a Hot Mom.
    106 - Oh, yeah. You know it. I think you should probably spank me. ;-)
    110 - Good Gravy, would ya look at that!
    115 - Milla Jovovich?
    116 - Fire Cougar.
    122 - Flexibility is good.
    123 - I love that look. It says it all.
    140 - Yeah, NO! Stay right where you are at, flatlander!
    144 - There is a difference between these pictures? I can't see it.....
    153 - Thomas had a good family. He will be missed.
    160 - Somebody is going to have a night to remember.
    162 - MILF
    166 - WOW. That is stunning.
    200 - Wait for me.....
    202 - What phone?
    203 - Best earthquake detector I've seen yet.
    206 - That perfect rhythm.
    211 - MILF-OTN
    224 - FINALLY! Sweet Meteor of Death, come take me away.
    236 - Future organ donors. Don't get me started about retards on bikes.....

    Nemo nailed it. Outstanding is definitely the word of the night.
    Great eye candy galore, a ton of smoking hot Boiler Doc bait, and spot on memes.
    Hard to manage my comments with so much to appreciate.

    So, did you find that pic or did you add the text? Talk about taken aback.
    Got a good chuckle out of it.

    Stay warm, Boss. It is already -10 F, here.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. Good to see that Leigh found his message on 106. On 108, that is NOT in Michigan, and Gov "Gretchen Witch" will want to know how that one escaped her Covid Clutches. Another great week Irish. Now back to work. :)

  10. PPS One of your better overall compilations, you've been on a roll the last couple of weeks. I'd have said more, but how many ways are there to say nice bazoobz?

    And the freckles on 5 are what make her real.

  11. Another great collection!
    Veronica Zemanova at number 31; thank you!

  12. Great stuff 😎

  13. I remember #148. I'm 75 but we all did it with rookie baseball know, like Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roger Maris.........Guys we never heard of.

  14. Sir... You are a National Treasure!

  15. 3 Israeli baddass Noam Alon. 4 Julia Yaroshenko. 5 My wife. 8 Smoking Stacey Dash. 9 Daniel Sharp. 10 The Captain and yes, I still liked Mr. Greenjeans better. 11 Masiela Lusha good at what she does me. 14 Another visit from Ashley Tervort. 20 Is that Maitland Ward? 26 Correct. 27 She got that from the box in my lap. 29 Smoking hot Mary Nabokova. 31 Smokin Penthouse Czech MILF Veronika Zemanova. 34 The curvy Daphne Joy. 56 The always Char Mac. I still envision her eating my burger. 59 The antique yvette connors.

    Thats all for now.

  16. 207, satire from Babylon Bee. Would not shock me at all, though, if the rat bastards actually did say that.

  17. To the girl in #176: the couch pulls out....but I don't

  18. Great lineup-beautiful gals and a lot of laughter.

  19. Thanks for all the hard work you do compiling all these terriffic opticals. Ohio Guy


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