Sunday, January 16, 2022

Moments Before The Tonga Eruption.... Exclusive TFI Footage....










  1. Wow, just like the chimpanzees running the Sock Puppets efforts to "Run (RUIN) the Economy"?

    No insult aimed at Real Chimpanzees

    I had to laugh this morning when my wife read to me on MSN that "Prices were high because of High Demand and they were Peaking and SOON going back down".

    Something about don't buy replacements for the Ivory soap because the prices will be better soon.

    Wanna bet where I'll be going shortly after I get tonight's snowstorm shoveled off the driveway (and maybe roof).

    As the Alpha Strategy says keep a year+ ahead, you'll do better than money in the bank.

  2. Boom! Those boys are after my own heart. Change the world, one bounding boulder at a time.

  3. That whole Tsunami BS is just that. Fearmongers! A 1.0 earthquake caused by a volcano in the South Pacific, is never going to cause a Tsunami at all. Good grief!

  4. but but but ... I thought it was the new Russian sub bomb ?

    those are commie waves don't ya know. Wait, we're the commies now. Scratch that.

  5. Brings back memories of an Explorer canoe trip to the Boundary Waters Area (northern Minnesota/southern Canada) in 1963. A group of 4-5 of us did just that from an overlook above a pristine Canadian lake.


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