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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Now THAT Is Some Piloting Skills...


  1. Canadian, from the freeway signs and the plane registration. I'd be swerving all over the lanes, blocking traffic with my vehicle, four-way flashers on, until the pilot could park it. Maybe it's because I've flown before and know how expensive these planes are...

  2. Looks like he almost made it to Quebec City -- I see smoke coming from the plane.

  3. THESE IDIOTS give him no room. TOTAL MORONS!

    1. Here's the problem, as taught to me as an instructor.

      You're coming in from OVERHEAD, and to the rear. You are making NO noise, and you sure as hell don't have a horn! Additionally, the cars don't have radios that can communicate on the frequencies airplanes use. You are overtaking the cars, you're faster, and all you can hope for is to put 'er down in a gap in the traffic and hit the brakes enough to not plow into somebody.

      It's a crap sandwich no matter which way you slice it. You're going to go down SOMEwhere, hopefully without ripping off the wings and/or smashing the fuselage or catching wires (especially high tension ones!). Kudos to the pilot.

    2. Your point is clear Igor, but you seem to have missed Willford's point. It isn't the driver's fault that they don't see the plane coming from overhead, or that they don't hear it. But once the plane is on the ground, they simply have no excuse not to slow WAY the fuck down.

      Those two idiots are tailgating the plane on the ground, the same way so many idiots don't give motorcycles or semis or boat trailers the necessary bit of extra room. I'd do the same thing as you would, emergency flashers and swerving back and forth to slow and block traffic.

    3. Anonymous, I heartily agree with your point, the morons tailgating should have been at least 100' behind. Yes, I'd be weaving just to keep people away from the aircraft.

      I was explaining to the uninitiated/untrained that it's damn difficult to know an aircraft is about to land on your head, and why that is. You and I know the drill.

    4. I DID mean once on the ground. Kinda thought that was what I saw after touch down. I have had flying lessons also.

  4. Skillz - and a whole LOT of dumb luck!


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