Sunday, October 9, 2016

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things.....

 Compiled and submitted by AFOI..
** I keep repeating this: "The world is stacked with piles of dry tinder.  These piles are interconnected.
And people everywhere are playing with matches."  Remember, for civilians, the biggest dangers are food and
water shortages, and disease... assuming, of course, you are not in the direct areas being fired upon.  IMHO
it's not IF there's a war, it's simply these four questions:
1. WHEN will it start?
2. WHERE will it start?
3. HOW BIG will it get?
4. HOW LONG will it last?
** A BIG LIE can only continue so long as the consequences can be hidden from the public.
** The incompetence, it burns.
** Understand who Killary's helper really is...
** From 2014.  The big issue is that liberals DO NOT associate their votes for policies and politicians with the consequences.  If
Killary gets in, and within a few years thanks to the influx of up to a million Muslims (mostly men!), churches and synagogues are
being attacked, women harrassed, etc., they STILL won't get it. 


** Long.  Read and tremble if even half of this is accurate.
** Quote: "Years later, [Clinton Foundation affiliate] AIF's annual reports were reviewed by the Daily Caller News
Foundation and show only seven villages were partially rebuilt by Clinton's group, and a mere $2.7 million of $53
million raised over a decade went to the earthquake victims."
** But... but... but we've been assured by our intellectual and moral superiors that vote fraud is not an issue, ever.
** Let's not rush to judgm... aaaand it's a Muslim.
** This man needs to have a "diversity enhancing" experience with a bunch of Muslim immigrants.
** READ.

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