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Saturday, December 26, 2020


 There are lots of rumors and lots of theories of what may or may not have occurred in Nashville Christmas morning in regards to the explosion in the vicinity of 2nd Avenue and Broadway. I have several ideas, but at this point they are all conjecture. I know parts of my county (app. 160 miles due south of Nashville) are still without AT&T cellular service. I saw this piece over at The Intrepid Reporter . There were also some pretty good comments. One, contained this link to an Amazon news site   that seems to show some sort of projectile shooting upward from the ground near the AT&T Tower and a second later is the the "big explosion".  I would be interested in reading any thoughts or ideas from our readers here at TFI.

Check out this link too. I found it over at WRSA in a comment. I have no way of knowing if this is authentic, but at this point, anything is possible.


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  1. The video is interesting, I don't know what that light beam was, but it did not look normal. For the blast area, BC has explained that, if this was a shaped charge or directional, if the explosion went down as well as forward, that would explain the undamaged trees. For the rest of the event, I will wait for others with more working knowledge than I to figure this out, because we sure as hell can't expect the govt to be open with the information.

  2. To me, to the right side of ther far tower, there appears to be a missile contrail and then an explosion.

  3. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index3432.htm

  4. Not much to add from the accounting at the intrepid reporter..seems like the ATT building was the target. Who and why will be interesting, both the official story and what folks think actually happened. One thought on the projectile video-my thought is that something probably got launched from the explosion, traveling at a higher speed than the resulting fireball/smoke cloud.

  5. Regular reader (anon commenter), live between Nash and Knox.
    Do NOT trust what the guv tells you. This state is being invaded by liberals and other mentally defficient individuals from other states (looking at you CA). They're totally fucking up all the big cities... and lemme tell you, Jeb and Bubba ain't none too pleased.
    There will be a cleansing. A purge. The righteous will rise agsinst their oppressors, at least here in THIS part of America.

    1. Damn right. It will be happening here too.

  6. Please read this post about the Nashville deal


  7. ATT Switchgear in a building that one house the parent company of Solar Wind which means that this is the likely central 'injection' point for Dominion voting machines.

    Deep state covers its tracks just before Dominion CEOs come out of hiding and claim election to be fair and honest.

  8. ATT Switchgear in a building that one house the parent company of Solar Wind which means that this is the likely central 'injection' point for Dominion voting machines.

    Deep state covers its tracks just before Dominion CEOs come out of hiding and claim election to be fair and honest.

  9. https://theintercept.com/2018/06/25/att-internet-nsa-spy-hubs/

  10. sometimes its just a guy with an axe to grind. haven't you folks ever seen a real explosion? shit flies skyward all by itself quite often, especially when two or more explosives are used, different ignition speeds. i like a conspiracy as well as the next guy but not this time. took the authoritays too long to release the info. you know its a setup when they can't wait til the smoke clears to data dump every detail about the suspect. not this time, they were lost in the sauce.

  11. I grew up in Nashville, still have family and friends there. Family used to have a store a couple of blocks from the bombing, and my senior prom dinner was on that street.
    Looking at photos and such - exterior of ATT building had little damage, due to height-required reinforcement of building (and other reasons). Manholes and sidewalk in front of building heavily damaged. There's lots of underground tunnels and basements in the old city areas like that - building built on old buildings and foundations. Blast was diverted across the street - building directly across from site was obliterated, only walls and roof are remaining.
    Google Maps shows several (unmentioned quantity) of cameras at street level along front of ATT building, including one PTZ at front entrance. You decide on what's on those cameras.
    ATT cell service was out over 36 hours for some, maybe longer for others, based on responses to texts I"ve sent.
    This looks very unusual, especially with info coming out about the suspect and his real estate transfers.
    Lots of open questions, a la 2017 Las Vegas shooting. Not tying them together or anything, just that they're very weird and abnormal.
    Wandering Neurons

  12. And then there's this:

    NASHVILLE - Jay Bonnie Bea
    AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville this past week.

    The former owner of the AT&T building in Nashville, William Kennard, is a board member for Cerberus Capital Management and AT&T.... He also was Bill Clinton’s FCC chair, and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU.

    Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus Capital Management.... Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Bidens Brother in Law, Steven Owens, is the cofounder of Staple Street Execs along with William Kennard (mentioned above).

    Super Computer in TN was connected to the AT&T internet in NASHVILLE.... yesterday evening the Cumberland river cooling system was compromised due to internet outage and Supercomputer fried.....

    If you don’t know, “Kraken” is a reference to a supercomputer former prosecuter, Sidney Powell, has been talking about.

    So, the explosion “just happened” to be at the AT&T location where they “just so happen” to control the cooling system for the super computer and house the dominion voting machines and drives for forensic audit...

    Does it make sense now why no lives were lost? Does it make sense now why the FBI task lead couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence in the press conference yesterday? Does it make sense why the mayor was making light of the situation, almost laughing yesterday? 🤯🤯

    1. well, let me be the first to admit i am wrong. hate it when that happens....

  13. Like that Twitter... this isn’t the story. It’s a diversion.

  14. Been reading here quite awhile. Commented a couple of times over on Phil's but never here - until now. (Or at least I'm gonna try - don't have a gee-mail account & don't do social media so we'll see if'n I can get a comment to stick.)

    For now whatever my assessments are mine align fairly well with Big Country's. However I am instigated to put my 2¢ in on that purported missile/contrail. In a word "bunk" but I know I can't just say that I gotta add some backup. Don't know how current this site is (whether/if Nashville) but its analytical processes are solid.


    JK of Arkansas

    1. Glad to have you JK. I certainly don't know the "which or what", but I do find the comments and theories interesting. I also am pretty much on the same book and page as BC. The whole thing is strange from where I am sitting. Then again I do not the motive/objective of the exercise. While it could be disgruntled employee or a Unabomber wannabe that cannot be explained, the bombing could have gone exactly as planned for whomever carried it out. We may never really know the truth.

  15. Same JK of Arkansas anonymously posted minutes ago so Irish if you wish to combine both that one and this, fine by me. First time I'd had use for that contrail science site was back when there were "reports" of a missile off San Diego - which I knew (mil radar) wasn't the case.

    However at the time I referred to that site the "Metabunk" feature wasn't on there. Now it is - See comments:


    JK of Arkansas

  16. So if the mystery smoke trail isn't a energy beam, I think riverrider has the accurate explanation, this is something from the camper, most likely a propane tank. Which gives weight to Bracken's analysis.

  17. I am now seeing reports that the bad actor was blown up in the blast, and they know his name, but not his motivation. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say that the actual bombers placed the person inside of the RV, and used him as a patsy, to die in the blast and take the heat off of themselves, while muddying the waters about the actual motive for the blast.
    Of course, that motive could possibly have had political reasons behind it, since there have been a lot of reasons for that assumption, including the Dominion software investigation one. But then, that is much too far fetched, isn't it? Isn't it? I mean, the Democrats would never do such a thing, as to resort to murder and bombing to cover up a phony election, in order to get their person in office.


    1. The Fake Bureau of Investigation in their sooper dooper crime scene investigation has this all figured out....in one day no less! Is anyone else getting tired of these bafoons dragging out the same old narrative, dusting it off and selling it via MSM to a nation of TV watching saps? They find some schmuck like Warner that wants to play along and scapegoat him after death. Hell, I bet they even found Staphen Paddock DNA at the scene!.....narrative sound familiar now???????

  18. Spitballing here - Pure Speculation. Noting Grog's comment above referencing Bracken's analysis which I have not read (but would appreciate a link) ...

    I speculate! I'm of the opinion (for now) what we're looking at is very probably an extreme insiders job. (Who/Whom having the "motivation" to pull that off I leave you Reader[s] to do your own speculation.

    Given the "outages" we've seen (refer to the jpeg on Big Country's site) I tend to believe the primary (initial) detonation was subsurface. Very likely thermite. The ground effect[s] being secondaries. For 'show' in other words. The media eats that carbon shit up. But as BC sounded paraphrasing "That's alot of carbon!" (Greta Thunberg ain't gonna be happy if she visits Nashville soon.)

    I call to your attention an article from back when the Democrats/Left used to pretend to give a shit about such Bill of Rights stuff as the Fourth and the Fifth Amendments - oh where is that Senator[?]/Representative[?] Wyden nowadays ...


    "Why subsurface JK?"

    Well the simplest explanation is 'trunk line access' and as there's not alot of overhead utilities (think powerlines, phone cabling, maybe tv in the boonies) obvious in any of the Nashville street scenes I've been looking at - *I don't "do" Goo Gul anything: no Gee Mail, no Planet Earth, no 'how the hell do I get to some address - at any rate I'm depending on blogs for what imagery I'm "reading."

    It's possible I guess that whatever switchgear was in that specific AT&T building was above ground/street level but as I have a very good ... well maybe good isn't exactly what I ought use. Suffice to say she was a pal of a sister (deceased - the sister rather than the source) and her eldest brother 'buddy' of mine (he deceased too but as yet me not: pretty sure I'm not in Heaven or the other place)

    At any rate my sister's pal reports there's alot of underground stuff below Nashville Apparent (and tunnels). Can't gar-un-tee what she's told me is down there (Nashville proper) but around forty or so years ago I did visit the catacombs of Vanderbilt (not as a student) and if Vanderbilt's is any reliable indication I'd be willing to wager I could hide a set-upped just as well if not better than any Easter-egg hiding Presbyterian at hiding time.

    JK of Arkansas

    1. Bracken's comments:

      Also, from the comments here:


    2. Thanks. Getting to it. May adjust my attitude/thinking.

      A link (from somewhere/body) put me on BC's Weird-Shit-O-Meter in the first place which prodded me into commenting here above)

      Normally ... well always previously, I've just hit "Like" on Irish's Friday posts. You probably know which - generally the final of Fridays.

      Of course I'm only focused on looking at the 60s & early 70s muscle car photos. Had a '72 AMX myself and as the backseat of that wasn't conducive to ... well you know. Anyway I just ignore (Dammit Woman if I'm saying this shit here [and I've not cleared my history and cache - which would be a pure oversight] Who should you believe? These guys or me?)

      I'm just - I promise woman - thinking my IMINT & et cetera experience might add to the discussion.

      JK of AR

  19. Has anyone seen photos of the Suspicious RV's engine block, chassis, front or rear axles, differential, suspension, chunk of frame holding frontend, engine, a badly burned steering column, etc any pieces of really solid, heavy metal in the debris field? They had photos of a mutilated chassis from the Oklahoma Federal Bldg. explosion plastered all over the news media back then... Just Asking for a friend of mine.

    1. No but I've seen the remnant of an [Otis] elevator hydraulic "just" out on the street.

      Weird huh?

    2. Yes, Very Weird. This is a FF IMHAO. Deep State Shenanigans, and FEAR PORN, to change the News Narrative to something they control. Their Story has more holes in it than a screen door. One of those two small white cars appears to be pointing out into the street as if blown there by the blast or by being driven away by the owner (perhaps one of the three deaths, of which I haven't seen any story about either). Both vehicles although badly burned and crunched by blast frag and or falling limbs, are for the most part intact. Limited scene pics or video footage. Noted too, that there is a lot of limbs that fell down, presumably after the blast. These limbs were cold, perhaps laden with ice/snow, in my meager understanding of explosives, should have been blown upward, and away, from the blast. There would still be stragglers of sorts that might eventually fall down into the street especially on the outskirts of the blast radius. Not piled up on the street, right at the site of the most damaging effects, again IMHAO, and EXTREMELY LIMITED Explosive knowledge. BUT!! Where is the RV Chassis, engine block, rear axle and wheels. They say that there was a body inside the vehicle???? But the rest of the TRUCK VAPORIZED? NFW Jose.


  20. @ Jeffery in Alabama.

    With 'pretty high confidence' I stick to my guns on the "damaging det" to be both subsurface and causal (chain of "ignition event[s]). As I read what Matt says I'm, primarily, seeing example. What I find curious on that link is VoorTrekker's admonishment at 10:04 [27th] "Let’s not get carried away with intrigue (misnomer: conspiracy theories) and unfounded conjecture. If the Deep State wanted something undone, they just flip a switch, wipe a server, etc. They don’t need to bomb anything and anyway; bombing domestically is bad for business."

    To/At which I'd reply, "Yes certainly let's not get carried away" ... except that, there's this little extremely bright light shining on a whole bunch of peoples' Weird-Shit-O-Meters which, I'd suggest, (suggest) a very public display 'of something' additionally weird "might work" where reinforcing the narrative is concerned.

    And we know *who is really concerned about "the narrative."

    I mean I absolutely could be "just imagining" some really screwy shit just happened to happen resulting in Trump getting 51% of the vote and Biden getting the other 88% of the rest of it but, here we have a guy's a serial presidential candidate who, in spite of all the 'getting out the votes efforts' Corn Pop did in primaries past, couldn't get more votes than the wackiest candidate in Scranton PA neveryoumind Little Somalia. And good grief Joe, Clark county Nevada? And Joe you rack up more votes in certain, former districts which the Democrats used to win but haven't in forty years and yet Joe you get more than Obama and Hillary combined ever did?!!! C'mon man.

    At any rate - Voortrekker is [purposefully?] missing the point. Sure they could flip a switch, disappear a server or two but what Voortrekker's not taking into account is what Washington DC depends on most which is, in a word


    A highly carboniferous "friendly public announcement" bomb set off at the Grand Ol' Opry [figuratively speaking] is ... Well I know there's a new generation's come up since I left but when I was thinking I was weird I know now I didn't hold a candle on the Weird-O-Meter of today.

    JK of AR

  21. Anyone who's every worked for at&t in any of the switch buildings will tell you there's no way this building was the target. The fact that this small of a bomb took out commutations means I'm going to see a lot of emails tomorrow from engineers on how it could have happened, what went wrong, and how we can fix it so it doesn't happen again in the future.

    I've worked in a few of these smaller switch buildings but mostly in a major switch buildings. This particular building in Nashville is built to withstand a f5. When I saw water coming out of it honestly I couldn't figure out how/why. These buildings are steel and concrete - there is no carpeting, not ceiling tiles, etc. There is no sprinkler systems in the server rooms which are even further reinforced apart from the outer structure of the building. This particular building can't take a nearby nuke, but if 1 building were left standing in downtown Nashville it'd be this one.

    People don't work in this building, we're often dispatched there to replace equipment, etc, but it's not a building with like a call center or anything, no employees would be housed there, and since covid we're all working from home anyway. I'm not sure if this building would have had security - but I don't think so, I think we only do that in our main switch buildings (those btw are built to take an indirect nuke hit, usually massive limestone walls.)

    Basically, unless this guy was an idiot he'd know a bomb that size wouldn't do any damage to the communications service - it would likely just put a few dings in the front of the building - there's no windows below the 4th floor of these buildings - only 5th floor and above an I'm not sure about this one but it might not even have 5 floors - plus there'd be no server rooms, or switches that high up - we used to locate the 4 and 5 ess' in the basement but learned not to with Katrina :)

    We have nothing to do with forensics of a dominion machine - there's just no part of at&t that would do that kind of work. Labs back pre-divestiture maybe, but nothing like that since the 70's.

    This isn't the building owned by Cerberus - that's the bat tower - if at&t were the target in Nashville that'd have been the building that would have been the target, biggest building in TN, made of glass, etc.

    The whole part about some super computer makes zero sense. We do have monitoring services where like you can monitor say water flow at a dam via cell communication but no chance we'd ever allow anything to rely on it 100% working - we're really good, particularly in the last 5 years but no way we'd guarantee 100% up time and no way we'd allow a customer to design anything that would require it - the labilities would be far more than we'd ever take on... no carrier would. Whoever wrote that up has no idea how that stuff works.

    Nothing in this building would not be owned by at&t, and its all going to be either switching hardware, or very possibly internet servers (10 years since I worked in that org and can't remember if we had servers in TN but I don't think so, and before anyone goes off on internet content servers it's not what you think. If we provide the server for you it simply means someone hitting that server via the internet get content from the closest designated server - this is why if you went to homedepot.com in say Wisconsin you might see ads for sales on a snow blower, but if you hit homedepot.com from TN you'd not. We offer some content storage, not much anymore, mostly we just do communications transport... and now entertainment via Time Warner.

  22. I'll back you up on your comments, GJetson. I've been inside MAE West and there's no way an above-ground explosion short of a nuke direct hit would rattle the walls. So, the switchgear is hardened and redundant just because of lessons forgotten and then re-learned (some of it the HARD way!), and appropriate measures have been mostly (!) carried out. Sorry, I can't go into details but BTDT.

    The truth will turn out to be weirder than the speculation, methinks. Thanks, 2020! Are we there yet?!?!?

  23. Thanks GJetson, Igor, clears some stuff up for me.

    One smallish thing you include tho' continues to somewhat mystify myself:

    "The fact that this small of a bomb took out commutations" [communications? - And No, I ain't no Miss Karen Grammarian at all but I just wanna make sure I comprehend correctly].



    I'm personally unaffected but I'm thinking my region's backboned in the somewhat vicinity of Dallas but from what I'm looking at over on that side of The Big Muddy Something sure as the dickens "seems to have knocked hell" out of [civil only?] communications.

    So might I'd respectfully ask, you return and offer further following all the backing and forthing I expect from your comment, all your engineering buddies are gonna be chewing the fat over starting today? Yeah I realize it'll take awhile but I land here nearly every other day [not always reading comments but for some period I'll make an exception]. Heck I reckon I'll just bookmark this post and touch base onit periodically. Gonna file it under "2020" which seems somehow appropriate.

    Appreciations in Advance,

    JK of AR

    1. Ah yeah, I meant communications. I'm surprised, I think if the goal was to disrupt communications lets just say that'd not be how I'd try to do it - he got lucky that it did and I don't think we have looked into how yet. I'm not in that org anymore, so I only see indirect emails regarding it. My org will probably be impacted if the engineers want to change something with the cell stuff... and they might, sometimes something like this is a catalyst for a new, better, solution.

      For sure this was a suicide, but if it was intended to disrupt communications would be the question. Even if we were doing forensic work on a dominion machine (which we'd not be, there's no part of at&t that would do that - we're a service company only, but not saying that wasn't floated out there on some conspiracy theory website. Except that this seems like this guy has been planning this for a lot longer than that would have been floated out there.) Disruption to communications doesn't make sense because we just re-route traffic and then send out mobile cell switches. Internally it took a bit longer than usual because it was Christmas and a lot of people needed to be called in to get what didn't switch out of there back online... but we were 96% back in service within 36 hours. I'll not tell you how to cut off service, but there's a much easier/better way... still impossible that we'd not have it back up and running again very quickly though.

      I honestly just think it was just a suicide, guy wanted to do it publicly in grandiose style (which a lot of suicides want) but didn't want to kill anyone else in the process. COULD be that in addition to suicide that maybe he thought there were dominion machines being forensically analyzed... however that seems like conspiracy mumbo jumbo itself because seems he was planning it for months long before any conspiracy website would have said at&t had a contract to forensically analyze a dominion server (which doesn't make sense either - why would at&t it's not something we do, far more likely something Cisco would do than at&t.) I'm not saying Cisco would do it either - no one would because it makes no sense. If you were forensically analyzing anything it'd be the software not the hardware and no at&t wouldn't be doing the software either.

    2. Here's what the rooms look like if you're interested - you can see the battery room and the server/switch room. This looks much like where I used to work, but our stuff was underground, this might be too, I've never been to the NYC one, although I doubt it, closer to the oceans we don't put equipment underground as much.


      What it doesn't show is that the building itself is super solid and the rooms are further insulated and reinforced. Floors and ceilings are stone and metal, nothing to burn there. Yes, I've seen and been involved when batteries blew and burned, but there's more than one battery room, and in my day multiple switches in different rooms on different floors. As well there's a huge diesel generator as a third backup.

      I've not worked in one of these rooms now for maybe 15+ years, but the images, for me, bring back horrible memories :) We did a lot of work wiring those racks, and there's a lot of anxious moments when you'd have to push in all the bridge connections at exactly the same moment or risk dropping 1000's of calls and getting chewed out by your boss. Usually me and another guy would count down 3-2-1-push and then hold our breath and then check to make sure we didn't drop anything or set off any alarms... and yes, that would happen sometimes and you knew you were going to get chewed out. It doesn't work that way anymore, but back in the day... then you'd spend days wiring those racks, standing on solid concrete floors all day - sucked big time, eventually we got these non-flammable mats we could bring in to stand on.

    3. Oh, also, being in Dallas I'm sure you see there's an at&t building, it seems, on nearly every corner now. I've been there on business a couple times and would walk from my hotel to where I was working that day and I'd seem every nearly building I walked by had at&t on the side.

    4. Actually GJetson I'm in Arkansas, very north very central (east to west).

      Might take a look at my earliest comment on this thread - 27 DEC @ 12:54 PM and then at my later one of 20:52 same date - you'll see my "interest" not having much to do with, particularly, any Dominion or associated stuff?

      Some *history & necessarily alot redacted a'cause of some NDAs I signed. Navy beginning earlymid 70s, Electronics Warfare. Fortunate to've *enjoyed abit of adventuring with Marines of three nations - decided after an Aussie occifer clued me in "These two chaps assigned to *help you JK? Well iff'n it looks like you're gonna get overrun their first shoot will be you [me]" So I figured I'd likely enjoy better prospects not being a uniformed guy so began some contracting and consulting and a whole bunch of miscellaneous.

      Late 2002 something steel and heavy (17K Lbs) gravitationally *decided to occupy the very same exact piece of real estate I happened to be standing on which took awhile (for me) to then try my hand at *mostly civilian type stuff occasionally getting called on to *consult. Which since another Clinton got near the levers I just allowed any clearances to expire but my curiosities remain intact and my memory is good. I think I can remember (but like yourself 'it's been awhile') how, if I were so inclined to, *disrupt communications.

      Nuff said.

      Yes there's "a pandemic[?]". Yes it was Christmas. Yes a bunch of people were 'set in place.'

      However - With this specific incident combined with how its being presented/narrated, I can't help myself from thinking there's a whole bunch of particularities which seem mighty peculiar to me.

      For instance. A, by all appearances surface detonation takes place, fairly confined but while the [available] imagery appears to be mighty hot very briefly thereafter there's a helluva lot of soot. Some very few vehicles get toasted but some, quite close are relatively unscathed, heck the side mirrors are all still present and not even askew. Three maybe four trees are gonna have to be replaced by city services (or contractors) but wtf, most and quite nearby retain even their autumn desiccated leaves.

      Meanwhile, *communications from Nashville to Atlanta are severely adversely impacted.

      And the sole injury is a fatality (and, possibly, a dog) whose been blown to smithereens while nobody else has suffered so much as a papercut.

      Been around a couple of homicide bomber GJetson and while it may've taken some bit of time, generally speaking *we could find the head. If as the Bracken guy has speculated "It was a fuel air bomb" I'd think the RV's engine, drivetrain, and frame "should've been" driven into the immediate pavement but none of that stuff is to be seen however, there is (to those who know what the beneath side of an elevator compartment controls switch and associated machinery looks like) a substantial piece of Otis elevator hydraulic rolled out very near the curb.

      And as you mentioned "gushing water."

      Some other stuff but the thing bothering me the most is all the weirdness.

      JK of AR

  24. https://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-grid-attack-20140211-story.html

    No suspects to arrest.


  25. https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/12/watch-fire-destroys-rocheter-new-york-printing-business/

    Another puzzle piece


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