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Monday, May 29, 2023

Lest We Forget



  1. Getting dusty in here.

  2. Celestial Navigations; The Soldier


  3. There are 3 holidays that touch Veterans. Memorial Day is a day for our fallen brothers and sisters that wore the uniform. It is a solemn holiday.

    Independence Day in celebration we of when we told King George to FO. It has also become an evening of terror and bad dreams for those of us that have PTSD. It is one of the two days my wife doesn't give me grief about getting shit-faced drunk.

    Veterans Day to celebrate those who served and survived. It has become a mad dash for Veterans to get free or highly discounted food and services, Veterans Day is also my birthday. If I want a timely meal I have to go to an establishment that does not give a Veteran's discount so I rarely eat out on my Birthday. Sure I do take advantage of my barber giving free haircuts to veterans but I leave him a $15 tip. I also hit Duncan Donuts for the free cup of coffee where the barista gets a $5 tip. I have a longstanding tradition of going to Hooters with another Vet buddy where we get the $10 chicken sandwich meal and tip the waitress $10. I do applaud those businesses that do give Veteran discounts and will take advantage at every opportunity. November 11th is usually a disappointing day.

    BTW: I am a retiree of 21 years in the USAF. I was commo. I had the pleasure of going to Panama in 88, Saudi/Kuwait in 90/91, and Kuwait/Afghanistan/Iraq in late 03 and 04. I was in the rear with the commo gear. I provided moral calls and email back to loved ones for the true hero's in the military.

  4. Very nice. BTW, great mandolin backup by that young guy.


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