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Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....





Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!!




  1. God Bless you son.
    Another Best So Far.

  2. As do I, Duke, as do I.

    Great post, thanks, Irish!

  3. Brasil and the next

  4. Well done, sir. Well done indeed.

  5. #35 - so far, it's a tie between #6 and #25
    #48 - definitely funbags
    #91 - true dat; also 1860's and 70's
    #99 - that looks really uncomfortable
    - Mr. Mayo

    1. Why Mr. Mayo...be a gentleman and offer to help the nice lady out of that contraption. :)

  6. Wonderful way to welcome the weekend. Thank you.

  7. I knew you would have Sophia in there somewhere! The epitome of sultriness and sex appeal! For y’all that don’t recognize elegance in the feminine form, she’s two below an awesome Dodge.
    Cudos you magnifishment Irish #@*&%

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Nice gif right at the get go, Sophia and Marilyn, those eyes on several of the ladies to compliment their magnificent mammaries, a couple of smoking redheads, food, Detroit iron and mememes to mock .gov, Demonrats, and trannies(Tranny is an offensive and derogatory slur for a transgender individual. Wikipedia) and stupid people, including the Wiki person who defined the preceding term. Guess what its pronouns are, not that I or probably anyone else that visits these pages gives a shit.

    Altogether another wonderful collage of beautiful buxom woman displaying their assets for our perusal and enjoyment. Thanks and have a great weekend.


  10. 2 - Serious set of swing bags, right there.
    5 - Perfect record, so far.
    7 - Sign should also say : NO RETURNS.
    9 - Ariel or Helvetica.
    14 - Nothing like having Ivy League idiots fuck up the whole world.
    17 - Science denier! \s
    20 - Gauges should be indicating RPM and speed, as it squashes skinny-jeaned soy boy.
    24 - I'm sure they walked the whole way. Right?
    29 - The Gaystapo.
    30 - Yes, and she is wicked cute too!
    35 - So far, but it is early yet.
    41 - Pretty, gorgeous eyes, rockin' little body, and not a tattoo to be found. My POTN. Great level of en-bigify, too.
    50 Classic Cheesecake
    51 - If her elbows have road rash, I wonder what her knees look like?
    63 - Be better if the curtains and the drapes matched.
    64 - Yeah.......
    75 - Mmmmm. Pokies!
    81 - Very cute. POTN 1st Alternate.
    83 - I love Cowgirl.
    85 - Love a Hot Mom.
    88 - Couldn't afford that, even if I had Irish's money.
    93 - If a look ever said you're getting lucky, this is it. POTN 2nd Alternate.
    94 - Another Hot Mom to attempt to satiate my appetite.
    96 - OK. aaaaand . ACTION!
    97 - Very pretty.
    103 - Notch Back Pony
    104 - I love a shy girl.
    106 - Why can't chicks doing glamour tactical pics keep their finger out of the trigger guard?
    109 - Flexibility. It is good.
    119 - Danger, of the best kind.

    Little late to the party, tonight.
    Been setting up the wife's PC after it came back from warranty work.
    Motherboard fried itself.
    At least I made it, this time.

    Have a good weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  11. 2's move like India rubber (sorry), not bad older lady (I'm assuming) on 19, not bad little tummy on 25, very nice older lady on 27, 77, 92, Hi, Drew, nice lace curtains on 44, Hi, Sophie, nice sandbags on 48, don't be shy 51, nice saloon girl on 59, nice big girl on 60, nice pears 2 left on 62, nice hourglass (with hour and minute hands) on 66, nice tush on 73, 87, 102, Hi, Marilyn, nice daisies on 113.

  12. Dude! Seriously! You make my week! EVERY week!

  13. Wow, started off with a wonder pair and only got better.

  14. From a post over on the TickerForum: "I think AB could rebrand if they hired TFI as a consultant."

  15. Fantastic with my coffee ☕️ every Saturday morning
    Thank you Sir

  16. Wow. I’ve seen my fair share of tits in life. But the set on #2 may be the best pair I’ve ever laid eyes on. I keep coming back to get another look. I’m not typically one to comment, but something had to be said about those beauties.

  17. For all you do... thank you!

    This one's for me! Hoists a toast!

  18. Most excellent work!

  19. Outstanding set, as usual, Irish.

    I really appreciate posting of Roy D . (Damn) Mercer’s can of whoopass. Being in the Tulsa area since 1988 listening to KMOD, and Phil and Brent has its advantages. I’m sure many of you have heard their skits on the radio.



  20. Why slip a tranny in there? That is messed up

  21. Number two for the win. Dmn she's got some great titties. Thanks Irish.


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