Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This Post Contains A Song Parody That Deals In Adult Language and Humor So It's NSFW....

  Please be aware of your surroundings before pushing play.

No children , puppies, kittens or those special snowflakes that are afraid of microaggressions should be within earshot.

This song contains language and adult humor......

  By clicking the "MORE HERE" button you agree to only blame Jay at STICKS AND STONES

  Grab your beer and sing along.....................


  1. That's pretty good!
    Looks like a fun bar too!

    1. Don't blame me, I aint singing it. I just had the bad taste to post it.

      Thanks for the name drop!

  2. Hi Irish,
    At least the Ballad of "Old Nell" has some "Class," this has "No Class at All!!" that's why it only rates still a #2 to Old Nell. I'd do "Old Nell" but the rules are that ya' can't record a rendition or write it down otherwise you will incur the wrath of the purveyors of the piece!! So, maybe next time we can get together for a Beer or two , you may here the tale of "Old Nell!!"
    Blue skies,...Black Death,

  3. Been there done most of it. Strange things do go on in a Navy town, especially the first few days when the fleet pulls in.

  4. Laughed my ass off. I'm thinking Olongapo and Phuket off the top of my retired USN head.

    Irish, a suggestion. One more caveat. "Do not drink anything, least of all hot coffee, while watching this video or it will go through your nose and end up on the screen".


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