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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mayor Bell More Concerned With Covering Up A Confederate Monument / 3 Children Shot, Two Killed Along with Four Adults Shot and Killed In Birmingham, AL In the Past Two Weeks

It is sheer insanity that William Bell, mayor of Birmingham, is pandering to voters (election year) claiming he is deeply concerned about a monument commemorating soldiers and sailors who fought for the Confederacy in Linn Park. The monument, which I am certain few ever took the time notice, much less read what few words are written upon it until recently, was commissioned to be built and then erected in the city by the United Daughters of The Confederacy in 1901. One would think the good mayor had "bigger fish to fry". Bell was so "concerned" that he ordered the monument covered with plastic and plywood yesterday. Today, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has filed suit against the city of Birmingham and has warned the municipality could be fined a $1,000.00 for every day the monument is covered as the covering is in violation of a recently passed state law protecting all historical markers and monuments. It is really sad that the once "Magic City" has gone downhill since 1982 and now resembles a war-torn third world country. I suppose Mayor Bell should change the name to "the Tragic City" as the city has had 62 homicides (guess the race) since Jan. 1st. Anyhow, Bully for AG Marshall and Gov. Ivey for taking a positive stand and obeying the laws of the State of Alabama. Click the link to read the entire story at the bottom of the page.


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