Friday, June 12, 2020

Vintage Heat

                   Joe over at The View From Lady Lake posted this photo below with this caption.

"I've seen this look before. It's not good."

That got me to thinking that we haven't seen this beauty in some while, so I thought I'd dig out some pictures                                                                         and post them. Enjoy. Oh, here is the look.



  1. I remember that look. It was damn good.

  2. None of the looks a woman or girls gives a man is good. It always leads to trouble, either instantly or years down the road when a man is most vulnerable because he didn't remember what he had for breakfast that morning, you expect him to conjure what happened years ago?

  3. Replies
    1. I'll bite, who is Quentin Dean Jeffery?

    2. No, really Cederq. That is her name.

      Look for a follow up post "What Ever Happened To Quentin Dean?"

  4. kinda reminds me of Caroline Munro. who still looks good for her age.

  5. If ya look hard enough, you can see the gates of hell in there...


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