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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Government Officials Have Updated The Guidelines For The Covid Crisis. It Seems We Are Now To Use The Metric System...

  Social Distancing of 6 "feet" has now been changed to 6 "millimeters". Please continue with your day.


  1. So with all the rioting across the Nation we "should" see a huge spike in infection and deaths right?? At least according to the "experts". So with up to two weeks incubation we should see a significant rise in the next week or two. If we do not see any REAL data by say June 21th we have been had........How many of you personally know someone who required hospitalization or died from Covid-19.

    If they did pass, what was their medical history, what co-morbidities did they have??? Was it the virus or the heart attack or stroke that really killed them??

  2. One coworker required hospitalization and died. No one else required hospitalization.
    He was in his 30's, didn't seem to have health issues but he worked in a diffetent part of the company than me.

    Of course the 63 year old chain smoking asshole with health issues and poor people skills didn't get. We have over 100 staff


  3. The lies: Keep six feet apart to stop the spread, droplets from sneezes and coughs travel 27 feet, protesting won't affect health risks of Kung Flu; masks won't stop the spread, everyone needs to wear a mask to stop the spread; disinfect all surfaces that you come in contact with several times a day, the virus does not live on surfaces; hydroxychloroquine is not a treatment, we're doing a clinical trial to determine if hydroxychloroquine works, hydroxychloroquine DOESN'T work but we won't show anyone the test data because it's confidential.

    Do they really think that the majority of people are this stupid?


    1. Unfortunately a vast majority of uninformed voters have the attention span of a mosquito.

    2. I don't know about "the majority," but there sure are still a lot of people out there who read the NY Times and believe every word they print.

  4. They can walk a country kilometer and kiss my ass.

  5. Hey, it's a scam. Period.
    Seen the "history" on the good Dr. Fauchi? Leftard.
    And now we know...

  6. But don't you dare go to church!

  7. Hi Irish!!,
    Watchin' the first part of that vid kinda reminds me of opening up a dead body and freeing up all the maggots!!!!!
    Yup.... looks like maggots!!!!!

  8. <1% morbidity rate. Its real, but overrated.


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