Friday, December 16, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....












Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there!!




  1. #133?
    Been there, done that. At 80 miles an hour, crossing state lines.

    1. Rickvid in the Yakima ValleyDecember 16, 2022 at 8:35 PM

      Yeah, but it was Coors light. Nearly tossed it back. Nearly...

    2. My buddies were passing a bong hose from a 68 Lemans convertible to the other cars in our group, heading to street machine nationals on I-55, heading north to Springfield Illinois. Good times, good times. Buddha

  2. California honey is right! Hot damn that's another great post. Thanks, Irish!

  3. 5, 8, 11, 14 FLASHERS ty, ty, ty
    7 I'm undecided whether that pic is appropriate or desecrates the memory of bygone greatness
    36 Nasti you're almost 80 give it up already or maybe go get another eye brow hoist
    37 needs to be rotated 90 degrees to the left
    49 Those eyes, wait, boobs, eyes, boobs, eyes, boobs boobs boobs boobs, eyes aw hell BOOBS
    52 That hole in the brush reminds me of when I was stationed in NFLD Canada. The woods in back of the base were almost impenetrable. Close growing stunted pines none of which were more than twelve feet tall, spindly trunks no more than 4 feet apart, branches all intertwined. The only way to get through was to find a game trail and walk on it. The game trails looked a lot like that hole. They were made by moose with intertwined branches starting again about 6-7 feet up.
    96 Old, I can relate
    103 Those eyes
    105 Those cat memes are killer funny
    116 Jack Daniels. Are you a squire Irish?
    132 Harley Quinn Knockout Crazy
    137/138 I agree. We need a reboot or a reset (not the kind the commies are trying to impose)

    A lot of the women this week had these impish or knowing smiles. Wonderful stuff. Always nice to see a naked woman smiling while showing us her assets. That's confidence.

    Thanks for another wonderful collage. Have a great weekend.


  4. Nice bouncy - big girl - melons on 5, nice 2 out of 3 on 11, nice older lady on 31, 47, 59, nice hourglass (oughta be a bit thicker) on 39.

  5. Rickvid in the Yakima ValleyDecember 16, 2022 at 9:06 PM

    #10 Damnit! As a former shrink type, just damnitall!
    #14 Admirable. Eyes on the prizes, er...prize.
    #23 Any of those guys could out-work, out-think, and out-craft 99.9% of America today. Ane they likely did not graduate high school.
    #36 She spilled the margarita drinks, or just drank them all...
    #50. Yes, that look. THAT LOOK! Death, but what a way..
    #52 I read those many books! Energy blast, next thing you know you are time sliding all over the place!
    #75 Yes, that. Head 'em, move 'em out!
    #97 Hmmmm, why do I see this remembrance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV0f5gxR-sA
    #121 If ever in the Seattle area, go to Jack's BBQ. Good ol' Tegzas (yeah, I wrote that for speaking, not reading) style, Stright Out o' Austin, so they say.

  6. We passed a joint car to car going down I5 on our way to skydive into the Manteca Waterslides 4th of July airshow. Good times(late 80's)

  7. 53...I'd have killed (or at least maimed) for a gal like that back in the day...

  8. SONOFA F$&^%$&*BITCH !
    The power just went out and I lost all of my comments I had written up!
    DAMMIT !
    Let's try this again.......

    2 - We already knew they consider us the enemy.
    3 - Yupp. BTDT - recently.
    14 - I love an unscripted action shot.
    22 - Nom, nom, nom, nom.
    23 - Huge timbers, huge saws, huge balls. Everything that built this Nation.
    25 - That thar is my briar patch.
    27 - Wet and, hopefully, wild.
    31 - I love a Hot Mom.
    32 - I have better kit than that.
    34 - 40% ? That's too weak to work up here. We use 80% at The Farm. Especially in the winter.
    37 - Flexibility is good.
    38 - Another leftist foisted on their own petard. Makes me smile.
    41 - Oooo. Peek-a-boob! I see you.
    43 - POTN 1st Alternate
    45 - Mmmm, pokies.
    47 - MILF of the Night.
    49 - TIC,
    50 - TAC,
    51 - TOE. Three Hot Moms in a row. Just the way I like them.
    52 - I thought aliens only did crop circles.
    54 - My Kryptonite.
    57 - POTN 2nd Alternate.
    60 - Mmmmm, puffies. I love puffies.
    61 - Dewey.
    66 - Another prime example of why we do crazy. Even though we should know better, by now.
    67 - She's bare...in the woods...... Eeewwwww.
    72 - Oh my.
    75 - A 1000 acres would be better.
    76 - Just once. OK, who am I kidding. EVERY DAY! Though, if I had to choose - the brunette in the back would be it.

    This is where I was when the power went out.

    78 - MILF of the Night 1st Alternate
    86 - My POTN.
    88 - Hey, don't start without me. On the other hand, please, carry on.
    89 - Cool. Built in reins.
    92 - A two door Suburban?
    96 - It's not so funny, actually.
    97 - Little Bird, Cobra, Huey. I'll take the gunship.
    103 - POTN - 3rd Alternate. What? There's a lot to like tonight.
    110 - What cooked to perfection looks like.
    114 - Lots of Square Bodies tonight. Looks like the Boss is missing his K5, a little bit.
    118 - Work Horse
    120 - What an awesome set of sweater stretchers.
    124 - The REAL Star of the movie, Take This Job and Shove It. The very first Bigfoot .
    126 - My father had one. Except it was a red '65 2WD. 292 six with three-on-the-tree.
    127 - I can actually smell that.
    128 - That looks awfully comfy.
    130 - Higher maintenance than an F35, just as expensive too. Still can't outperform the older models - just like F35.
    131 - At least his taste in tractors and women is good.
    135 - I bet I could get that to start.
    138 - Keep pushing that button, fuckers. You aren't going to like what happens next.

    Well, I made it. This time.
    Snow is wet and heavy. I think a tree came down. Daughter says power is completely out at her place.
    WMUR has you in the 3 - 6" band.
    Stay warm and dry, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. Excellent collection of great looking wimmins, great looking chow and vehicles that get 5-7 MPG. 😉

  10. My only daughter would have turned 29 today.
    The Gardasil vax killed her with cancer 9 years ago.
    RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  11. Another night with grown-up women. Gotta love it! The young ones are nice, but I'm old.

  12. Great collection this week.
    #55 is particularly nice.
    #20 and #110 - - Bacon should be mandatory.

  13. Thanks again, Irish! Especially for those older gals us older guys can relate to as "Still Young". #131 is a keeper!

  14. #34 : Asking for a friend : Does that stuff work on husbands?

    1. UPDATE: I can confirm that this does NOT work on husbands -- Would not recommend. However, the approach in #53 does have the desired effect on mine.
      -- Davis.P

  15. #76. Hef can't make it ladies, but I can. Thanks, Irish.

  16. #? The blonde with the full bush! Don't really care if the drapes and carpet dint match. Other than that simply marvelous as always.

  17. Thanks for that , I enjoy your Friday posts

  18. Big Breasted Special, gotta love them and I do.

  19. I love the "Strong South" stuff. Most welfare, groids and dems, yup thats how you beat the'm! Almost as good as the haven't won shit since 45 army lol. Particapation gold cups all around hahahahahahahaha

  20. Number 44 (fellow looking at the backyard, gal fussing with telephone):
    * YouTuber Pat Mac of 'Basic Dude Stuff' fame calls her "45° people"... all the focus is on the telephone.

  21. I view these intently every time you post one but never comment. It's time for me to tell you you are the GOAT. Incredible images that capture my youth and my current age. Amazing. Please keep it up. You're an incredible talent. You sick bastard. LOL


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