Monday, January 11, 2021

Well, It Seems We May Potentially Have A Much Larger Issue Looming....









  1. I think i still have my old packet radio rig somewhere in a box. Time to dust it off and see if i can get it working again.

    Of course 128kb/s over VHF will take a very long time to load FFF.


  2. Convert to low-res .gif and we'll download at 1200 baud just like the old days.

    1. Now I know I'm Very Old! I remember when 1200 baud was the high speed upgrade!

    2. Hate to tell you this, Storm, but when I started in computers the 110A standard was being supplanted by the 303a standard. I. e., 110 baud was being replaced by 300 baud. Each modem was a 1U rackmount and expensive as hell.

    3. Ahhh, the sound of a modem connecting......

  3. Relax, people, the Interwebbies ain't "going down" short of a major catastrophe. It was originally designed (back when it was DARPAnet) to withstand nuclear attacks all over the country.

    Now what we DO need to worry about is the controllers of the internet. Routers and DNS are maintained by people, and IANA is FULL of leftards. If you don't exist in a DNS server somewhere, ya gotta know the IP of your destination, and/or edit your hosts file (in windows or Linux, etc.) to reflect the URL you're trying to get to. It's a Dark Web thing. So, use nslookup to get those IP addresses before somebody starts poisoning/deleting DNS entries in the backbone DNS servers. Quickly. Buy an external HDD drive for storage and start archiving ANYthing of interest before it becomes Unobtanium! 2TB drives are dirt cheap nowadays. Heck, build a RAID 0, 1, or 5 if you're paranoid... because you can.


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