Monday, January 11, 2021

Many have found little reason to do so....


 I found this mornings read over at PERGELATOR

 Follow his link to the article noted. Enjoy your coffee.



  1. Fuck I hate equivocation, "How did Trump supporters become such skeptics? Whether accurately or not..." WHETHER ACCURATELY OR NOT??? NOT???? WTF Pal?

    Or "Although Trump’s supporters may get some of the details wrong..." Name one we've gotten wrong?

    Where has this asshat been the last couple decades? You think this started with Trump?

    George Carlin had some rules of life and the #1 was Never Believe Anything the Government Tells you. Not a whit of equivocation in that is there?

  2. We may see some hardening of attitudes??
    I see something that has already happened while some yoyo tells me it could happen and I hear the sound of
    Red Skelton saying

    You don't Thay!!!

    With the first guy, show us what we have wrong..

  3. Reported in the news - Georgia's republican governor had substantial dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and Georgia's Secretary of State's brother works for a Chinese Communist Party company. Where is there room for believing either have loyalty to their party or state?

    1. and the Georgia contract for their machines was in the vicinity of $110 million; probably $100 million for the equipment and $10 million for kickbacks. I'm sure we'll see that on the governor's tax return when he releases it.

  4. Perg missed the earliest indication that something was wrong: from Day 1 there were frequent leaks of sensitive information by what he thought was his trusted inner circle. Both the leakers and the publishers should be strung up in the public square.


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