Monday, January 11, 2021

Maybe It's Time For A New Outfit?












  1. No, time to take out the trash.

    As I sit here, it's only 8:23 West Coast time, I'm expecting The Don to start busting heads around 12:00 EDT. A good start would be The Sedition Act AND EO 13848. Depends on what the contens of Pelousy's laptop and the other HDDs the "White Hats"... removed... from the building during the "riot" of last week. Pelousy et al are pooping bricks right now, hence the hurry to "impeach" The Don.

    Keep your powder dry and the popcorn ready. Got food, water, semi-precious metals ready?

  2. Maybe 74 million Trump voters should register as democrats run and vote the challengers in their primaries and then vote the democrat ticket in the general. That would shake things up.

  3. His name is Roberts, leave him alone.


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