Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hiding In Plain Site....


   Maybe it's time for a little fun. We can hide in plain site with just a little work and our own

Decoder Ring.  

Decorate your blog with feel goods and adjust your conversations to something like this:

Hey Timmy, why don't you grab your big cock and meet me down at starbucks?

Sure Nathan, should I bring my big black cock as well?

That would be fabulous!  Grab some pop tarts too!!

We can both shoot a big load!

I have a great idea, let's invite the lesbians.

 They are on board with the community organizer and would love to see Adam in his tree furry outfit.

We can all practice taking a knee.

Sounds good, lets go get some covfefe! < (the secret word)


See, you would blend right in!  Now comes the fun part the super decoder ring....



Big Cock





Big Black Cock


Pop Tart



Community Organizer

Tree Furry

Taking a Knee



  1. How do I say this...? I really like that Big Black Cock. **Blushing**

  2. I’ve got a thing for lesbians with big strap on black cocks..

  3. I've been referring to pop tarts of various flavors as wireless hand held point and click interpersonal conflict resolution systems but pop tarts is easier.

  4. Love me some point-and-click pron, man!!

    I'll take that lesbian any day.

  5. Brilliant! Had me fooled there for a minute. Nemo

  6. Pop some goofy grape and put the chair against the wall.

  7. I have been saying the line, "I'm a lesbian also" for years so she is mine.

  8. Dangit. Now Google knows. I have to switch to dog references now.. Rottweiler, poodle, kibble, etc...


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