Tuesday, January 12, 2021

One Thing I Keep Reading Is....



  Joe Biden hires this one and Joe Biden hires that one.

Joe Biden picks this advisor and Joe Biden picks that advisor.

Joe Biden does this and Joe Biden does that...


 Come on now, seriously?




  1. The picks are being made in the Forbidden City.

    If the lying dogfaced pony soldier makes it to Valentine's Day, it will be a miracle.

    And I don't hold out much hope for the Ho. She'll live just long enough to pick a VP and then she goes, too.

  2. Kinda makes ya wonder why we have not heard much from Hillary lately...

    And given all the variables that impeaching Trump could throw into the mix, Biden's first few months in office could be a real cluster for him, and Trump would still come out smelling okay. I do wish Trump would be way more vocal and vociferous about denouncing those clowns from the 6th, but then maybe he has been and the DNC AgitProp arm is just not covering it. All in all the next 6 months will be ... interesting.

  3. My money's on Valery Jarrett running the whole thing.

    She's close to the action
    Hates America
    Ran the 0bama administration and is smart enough to keep her name out of everything.
    That's not saying the CHICOMs aren't pushing the agenda.

  4. Joe’s not going anywhere. 47 years in DC, now prez, you think he or his wife or brother or son are gonna let him get pushed out???

    1. This ^^^^^. There's wwaaayyyy too much money to be made to allow anyone to shut that flow off.


    2. I'm thinking Joe's going to have that "third aneurysm" about mid-March, and wife, brother and son won't have any say in the matter.

  5. The inly thing Joe is capable of picking is his nose, and he keeps forgetting how.

    I give Ol' SloJoe Xiden two months, tops!

  6. Joe Biden is a meat puppet. He hasn't been capable of high-level mentation for several years and is now approaching complete senility. He was chosen by the left as their candidate BECAUSE he is demented and thus can e le around by the nose. EVERY thing the left has done the past four years has been for without his input or knowledge. After OTHERS including people like George Soros, Valerie Jarrett etc made a decision he was told what to do, what to say, and coached till he could do as he was to!d. The people truly running America now we're never elected and almost never allow themselves to be photographed or even seen.

  7. Yea, seriously. Joe doesn't even pick out his own fucking underwear.


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