Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......









Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy it the best you can!! The clock is ticking.........



  1. I am not a particular fan of gingers, but I had a hard time moving past 58. That's pure lust. I'd like to see the rest of 153. Actually, maybe not. Some things are best left to the imagination.

  2. #17: I am agog...

    Hail to the artist/genius that came up with this.

  3. Some fucking good ones in there son.
    Well done.

  4. Lots of nice bouncy on top.

    Nice, uh, above the waist on 3, nice older lady on 98, interesting bait on 110, nice nighty on 119, nice minimalist on 211, nice pool floats on 216.

  5. Da Memes! Da Memes! Boss! Da Memes. I guess the shit's getting thick out there.

    Just remember one thing. Anyone that intentionally dyes their brown hair orange is not someone that should be taken seriously nor should she be listened to nor should she be speaking on behalf of the leader of the free world.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend.

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate. Comcast has been fuckening with my internet connection for several weeks now, since I researched a competitor that is trying to break into the local internet/streaming market with dedicated fiber.)

  6. Another very good start to the weekend. Btw, how is the new job going?

    Thanks Irish!

  7. #45: Seppuku or you're not sincere.

  8. 3 - Surprise, MF'r
    4 - You mean besides utter fiction?
    5 - Despite the odds and my every attempt, I survived all those decades.
    8 - Don't get it wet or feed it after midnight.
    20 - HA! I kill me!
    47 - Finally. Now can we vaccinate them for it?
    58 - She's a Pro - Faye Reagan.
    73 - She wants to know where Doc is at?
    80 - I could go for a hammock ride, right about now.
    86 - Nope, nope, nope......
    89 - My POTN*
    107 - Sounds about right. Took them a month to get a package from Albany to my house. I could have walked.
    110 - Mmmmmmm, Snapper.
    121 - Nice.
    131 - Heart burn just looking at that.
    138 - The way they should look.
    139 - "I'm travelin' down the Road.....
    151 - Starsky & Hutch
    158 - "Just one more mornin'. I had to wake up with the blues. Pulled myself outta bed, yeah. Put on my walkin' shoes....."
    162 - Guy loves his car. Made sure the paint was protected.
    189 - Looking for a Bullitt.
    202 - WTH kinda bastardized suspension is that?
    214 - My forever home.
    221 - Never spin your wheels. No traction, no satisfaction.
    233 - That is the good old days - look at all that great iron in that pic.

    Great collection, Boss.
    Always puts a smile on my face, for a great end to the week.
    Thanks, Bud.

    Whitehall, NY

    * - Pick of the Week

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  10. That's enough of buns, boobs & food to keep me going for a month of Fridays!

  11. #17, it took me a while, but I did get it.

  12. #139: If Frank Frazetta was a sculptor instead of a painter.

  13. #162: If Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" was as photograph.

  14. #225: Because of the poor focus and glare, it almost looks like she has just farted a tiny mushroom cloud.

  15. Why, oh why, do I want to own #8? What is wrong with me? I'm going to go chop more wood ...

  16. No better perusing with early Sat morning with my coffee..... Hat Tip!

  17. No better perusing with early Sat morning with my coffee..... Hat Tip!

  18. Boobs, food, cars. What else is there?

  19. Am I the only one bothered by that gap between the S and the T in STOPPING?

  20. He Irish I have an idea for you. I was watching this vid ( ) and Jennifer Connelly knocked my lights out. It occured to me your Wed line-ups were beautiful stars of a certain age, and if you run out you could move up age-wise to JC, Heather Locklear, Heather Thomas, etc.

  21. BZ brother! Nice way to get up and wake up on a Saturday morning!

  22. Ah yes. I'll take 134 or 208.
    164 makes me drool almost as much as the ladies
    218 ahhh, memories. I had exactly this car.

  23. In answer to #12. It's the homeless!

  24. #25 looks like an old Bo Derek movie. She's no 10 but to a late Seventies teenager the fact that those clothes kept falling off her made it OK.

  25. I owned a red Gremlin with the white stripe exactly like that one.
    And my buddy owned a red Torino with a white stripe exactly like that one.
    And when we parked together there was lots of abuse.

  26. I could make that island work for me.

  27. 4 The art of Fow Chi bbbutphuk supreme dipshit. 5 Reminds me of me. 7 Would hurt you. 8 Gremlin/Pacer chose wisely. 10 I'd do Melissa Debling. 14 Ain't what it used to be. 16 Kawaiikitten. 19 Brooke Wylde can polish my glass anytime. 20 You have to be old to know who Alf is. 21 Laughing my ass off all day. 22 Would have liked to see the rest of Demi Moore back then. 24 The new trend. 25 Highschool snuck me and my buddies into the theater multiple times to watch Bo Derek in "10". 28 "Me". 31 Truth hurts. 36 ROTFLMAO glad that cunt left OK. long ago. 38 Anastasia Gorbunova a lovely lass. 43 Still laughing but sad. 46 Alexis Naiomi is pretty for a shapely girl. 48 Holiday in Greece. 54 Julia Roemmelt German mate smoke show. 58 Faye Reagan for one night only any more is dangerous. 64 delreykady not with a ten foot pole. 65 Maya Hansen hottie. 66 Madeleine and Mary Collinson twins of evil fer sher. 67 Tigerlily31 is taking a break,Hello guys , I have a holiday and Christmas break from 20th November 2021 until middle January 2022. 73 Anri Okita worn out. 74 Another side of mate sabine jemeljanova. 76 Devote Schlampe. 78 Sarah Dowd smoke show. 80 A vintage mate, Diane Webber nice find Irish. 84 Suzi Griffiths petites are nice twin Sally also nice. 86 Jewel Shepard vintage smoke show. 88 Kayla's quite the Coyote. 89 The Jillian Murray smoke show. 91 Mac's movie cars model. 92 Reminds me of an experience when fly fishing in Jackson Hole. 94 If only I was younger. 95 A beautiful thing. 96 A beautiful thing. 97 A Georgia peach, Angel good name for mate Ms. Carson. 99 Welcome to the arianny celeste smoke show. 100 And now for the Ashley Kolfage smoke show. 101 Famke Jannsen. 102 Stefan Stadie is a good photographer and lucky. 104 Irish on a roll with Megan Diaz. 106 Valayne is all I could find. 108 Brittany here, 110 Dammit nothing. 112 Victor Sapozhnikov takes great pictures.

    I'm tired


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