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Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... Saving The Breast For Last....






Do You Remember The Title Of This Post?









Maybe Go Double Check?   ↑↑








Here ya go, please make sure to thank reader Rich. He sent this  the other day:









 Enjoy your weekend in the bunk!!


  1. Nice hourglass on 17, nice amphibious, on 18, nice soapsuds on 71, nice shower on 72, nice pearl necklace on 74, and can I have 15 in a FF cup?

    Like the Chocolate MILF. And what Agent K said.

    And I like the first better than the last.

  2. Excellent! Wonderful mix of different pleasures.

  3. Breasts. Breasts win! and shapely butts. They win too. Thanks and have a great weekend. Nemo

  4. Linda Carter at the end. Mr. Irish You are the man!!!

  5. Very nice! Thanks Irish!

  6. #86 - setting an example that few of us could follow. Thanks for that one, Irish...

  7. From beginning to end, a most pleasurable post, indeed !
    My congratulations and thanks, sir.

  8. 8 - Don't stop on my account.
    43 - Doesn't look like a Copperhead, but just as dangerous.
    56 - I see Phil got an assistant.
    93 - A rare beast 79 F250 Crew Cab with an XLT Ranger package.
    99 - Still fast as a Bullit.
    115 - Is that the Ring Brother's K5? $$$$$$$$$$
    136 - Whutintheunholyhellisthat? Looks like a Cutlass with a a Cougar nose?
    145 - Yumm!
    167 - Still do.
    180 - 72 F250 Ranger. Clean.
    187 - The OTHER desirable Split Tail.
    192 - 327 Super Sport Impala
    201 - Survivor exterior with a full on under-carriage.
    202 - THANK YOU, Rich! Probably the most I have seen of Linda Carter, uncovered. Doesn't disappoint.

    Awesome collection, as always.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. My brother had the same F-250, It had I believe a 300ci straight 6 in it and the classic 3 on the tree trans. What a truck. he was in the Air Force stationed in Alaska. He sold it in 1982 when he got transferred for more money than he paid for it brand new!!

    2. YAQW, Leigh. Lynda was posted in that outfit in an April FFF


      though not as revealing.

      Direct link


  9. Watch that loose clothing while operating a lathe!

  10. Saturday Covfefe, Friday Femme's and other treats!! Thanks Irish!!

  11. Excellent once again. The great asses back to back on #17 & 18 got my motor started today

  12. Looks like hours down the rabbit hole, will report back later.

  13. Fantastic! Ohio Guy

  14. #38 Glasscutterus Maximus

    #92 Obviously, these two beauties belong to drug dealers.

    #110 Either the pilot and the crew have syrup buckets of balls or they are to far behind enemy lines to jump.

  15. Wutz wit u n ur obseshun wit pepperony piza.?

    1. Just like a good steak a really good greasy cheeseburger and some fine ass pussy I love it and it taste good

  16. I'd spend almost as much time complimenting as it took going through them. Let me just summarize with a big THANKS!!

  17. I like the 1911, it looks a lot like my RIA Tactical, but am not home so can't double check. Best bang for the buck when I bought it.

  18. Burgers, Beer, and Boobies esp Linda Carter's

  19. Sweet. I stole so many for FB I lost count. Thank you sir.

  20. Excellent collection, great memes and vehicles as well. Thanks for that.
    Who knew Elvira had that hidden talent?

  21. OMG! Lynda Carter!
    And as always, beautiful redheads, amazing cars and awesome food.
    You did it again!
    Be well,

    Shove your vax.


  22. A nice assortment of consumables...

  23. FOOD MUSCLE BABES AND BOOZE not necessarily in that order.

    4 Yes they will because eventually WE will correct this situation / 14 Truth / 15 Talent. Its better when viewed live as I have. / 20 After I get through with them. ha just kidding maybe years ago, only as good once as I ever was. / 22 you misspelled bidet / 27 Ha someone has a funny wife/girlfriend
    31 Had to stop for 30 minutes of eye bleach flush. Damn you Irish. / 35 Susan Coffey has my two favorite things, well three
    43 roberto manetta has a great job / 47 as well / 51 Classic older beauty who is she. / 53 If that's Christy Lacour Gianini that will do just fine
    55 Madison scott gets around. / 57 Oh that girl linda L / 64 no leather no life / 66 Gotta love those ameature moms
    73 sky bri is a 5 dollar only slut. Why do they tat their fingers. Pass / 75 Irish that you and Phil, ?
    81 Have a friend with one. He let my daughter when younger sit in it and rev it up. I told her louder. Good times
    90 But her pleading I denied / 99 would like that hanging on my wall
    103 Here is a video of 3985 challenger https://youtu.be/XhgHrDbN4EU Got to see Big Boy 4014 yes again the EPA wienies made her burn oil. I wanted to see that black smoke belching.
    105 That was funny shit right there. / 113 truth / 118 As it should be

    119 Catrinel Menghia Daaayuuum yum

    138 Mr. limpet and a hollweird libtard / 150 all mine are that long / 161 burning man, should have gone in the early years
    173 save some for me Jessa / 181 Rajek is smoking / 194 I want one of those

    208 Yes Bobbi Jo be looking good


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