Friday, January 10, 2020

WTF??.. RIP Neil Peart....

 In 1977,  "2112" was my introduction to this great band.....

 Neil was a great lyricist, and phenomenal drummer. I'll raise a pint to you Neil.

Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist of progressive rock band Rush, has died, CBC News and Rolling Stone report. According to the reports, Peart died on January 7 in Santa Monica, California after a years-long battle with brain cancer. He was 67 years old.

Renowned for his technical expertise and unique performance style, Neil Peart was considered by many to be one of the best rock drummers of all time. He retired from professional drumming, and Rush, in 2015. Find a statement from bandmates Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson below.

Born in 1952, Neil Peart picked up the drums at an early age and played in several bands in his native Ontario before joining Rush in 1974, shortly ahead of the group’s first-ever U.S. tour. Peart replaced founding drummer John Rutsey and would remain in Rush for the rest of his professional career, recording on every one of their studio albums save for their debut self-titled LP. Peart picked up lyricist duties beginning with the band’s second album Fly by Night in 1975.


Yabba Dabba Doooooo!

MILF.... Man, I Love Fridays!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Oh So Close....

 To 22,000,000 million hits....

Random Interesting, ain't it?

H/t to Jeffrey.

 Comparison of Epstein Dead and Alive: Just in case anyone is still paying attention.

And on another unrelated note...

The largest mass shooting on American soil still has no answers. Remember this guy?

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The ever-simmering gun control debate was instantly reignited on 1 October 2017 when Stephen Paddock fired more than 1,100 rounds of ammunition into an unsuspecting crowd of concertgoers on the Las Vegas Strip. 64-year old Paddock murdered 58 people and injured 413 more. He used bump stocks to fire rapid shots and had a collection of weapons including AR-15 and AR-10 rifles as well as a bolt-action-rifle. These weapons were stashed in the hotel room from which he was carrying out the attack. The shooting lasted only 10 minutes and Paddock was found dead an hour later, having shot himself. In the aftermath of the shooting, an airport alongside the site of the shooting was shut down as was much of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Investigation into Paddock’s history revealed that he was a frequent gambler who liked to place bets that would see him earn rewards such as free food and accommodation. It was also established that he was somewhat of an alcoholic and that his father was a criminal wanted by the FBI. It seemed that Paddock simply wanted to murder a lot of people without any obvious reason as it was found that he researched other venues in Boston and Chicago before deciding on Las Vegas. Naturally many conspiracy theories saw the light after the massacre including accusations of a false flag event and rumors of a second shooter that was never brought to book. Other theories linked Paddock to the Antifa movement while ISIS falsely claimed that he was one of their “soldiers”. Some believe that there were a group of shooters but that this is being covered up in order to advance the promotion of gun control laws.

It is very likely that the true motive for the senseless massacre will never be discovered. To date this was the worst mass shooting carried out by one person in the history of the US.

Off To The Salt Mines...

 I might be home early though...


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Don't Look Back In Anger....

Volume on.......

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Oh That Pesky Siri.....

Ya. No.

Sounds about right.

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It's Been 8 Days and No Sign Of The SUV That Drove Off The Cliff in Cali...

 I caught the original news story the day it happened and have been checking off and on to see if they would finally find the car and or occupants. Nothing so far. I'm shocked that no one is reported missing or missing a car. Weird.

It’s been more than a week since an SUV drove off a cliff along Highway 1 near Gray Whale Cove State Beach in San Mateo County, plunging into the choppy water below.
But despite the efforts of Sheriff’s deputies, divers and even a Navy SEAL sonar system, no confirmed traces of the car or whoever was inside have shown up — save a few car parts found in the water and an old shoe strewn on the beach.
“Nothing’s changed,” said Officer Bert Diaz with California Highway Patrol on Tuesday. “We have been getting leads from the public, and we’re looking at them and exploring them, but as of now I don’t have an update on a person or a vehicle.”
Around 11 a.m. Dec. 30, a dark-green SUV was captured in a dash-cam video traveling along the shoulder of Highway 1, a winding, historic road that fronts the coast all the way from San Francisco to Southern California.
Rather than turning — or even slowing down — the SUV appears to drive off the cliff and directly into the water, briefly catching air before vanishing from the frame.

Here is a google search list of news links <<<< 

Also, you can use google maps to get to ground level at Gray Whale Beach



Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Twosday Talented Timewaster....

Interesting. If Climate Change Is Causing The Australian Brush Fires, then Why So Many Arson Arrests?

More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.
The Shoalhaven fires were lit between July and September last year, with Kempsey recording 27 deliberately lit fires, NSW Bureau of Crime and Statistics and Research data shows.

There is a link the the article in this tweet:

 Also noted arrests here:


Dear Hollywood....

Show some sack Lindsey. Nuke the "moon rock" and show "those people" whose god is God.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he warned  Trump that "cultural and religious sites are off the table as military targets". Read the story HERE. As most of us here know, it is difficult to make an enemy who believes that dying in the name of their religion or cause earns them special privileges in the afterlife surrender. History has shown us that most hard cases will fight till the death.  However, the will to fight can be destroyed against such fanatics. Fat Man and Little Boy proved that to be true back in '45.

I guess ol' Lindsey is saying stuff like that because "those people" were mindful not to attack American icons and cultural centers.

Image result for Pentagon attacked 9-11

Monday, January 6, 2020

Watching This Will Be The Best 15 Minutes of Your Day... "A President Who Believes His Message"

This speech was originally delivered in late November 2012 after the presidential election.  Setting aside nuances in the Romney aspect watch this video again… in hindsight… and contrast specifically against current events.

Stay with it… watch it all the way through.  Pay attention to the specific subject matter outlined, the details as encapsulated, and contemplate what Bill Whittle says in this video against VERY CURRENT events: “a president who believes in his message“…

Borrowed from The Last Refuge <<<

If You Want To Buy The "Moment" Candle Snuffer..

I found it here:


Timing The Weekend....