Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Show some sack Lindsey. Nuke the "moon rock" and show "those people" whose god is God.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he warned  Trump that "cultural and religious sites are off the table as military targets". Read the story HERE. As most of us here know, it is difficult to make an enemy who believes that dying in the name of their religion or cause earns them special privileges in the afterlife surrender. History has shown us that most hard cases will fight till the death.  However, the will to fight can be destroyed against such fanatics. Fat Man and Little Boy proved that to be true back in '45.

I guess ol' Lindsey is saying stuff like that because "those people" were mindful not to attack American icons and cultural centers.

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  1. On both A-bomb runs, the primary target was Kokura, a site of considerable cultural significance to the Nips.

    Socked in on both occasions, so the secondary got the honors.

    Actually, I think Grahamnesty is still haunted by the ghost of St John of Hanoi.

    Sounds like something he would have said.

  2. It is just like Dresden Germany at the end of WW2. It was a target of no military significance. Yet, it was bombed with high explosives and incendiaries for three days and nights. Dresden was a city filled with art, culture, women, children, and old men. It was basically "payback" for what the British had endured early in the war. Historians still argue over the numbers of casualties, but some estimates show more lives were lost than in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

  3. OK Boomers. You fellows are still living in the MSM propaganda world created during the last 100 years. Probably think 'fake news' only started in 2016. For some real historical truth on WWI, WWII, 9-11, etc., spend some time educating yourselves at www.unz.com.

  4. Ask all the soldiers who came back from Iraq missing limbs if a cultural site was more sacred than their leg was!

  5. Their religion has a god so impotent that it has to resort to a handful of fanatics to carry out judgement. Do hope the 72 virgins waiting for them are attractive.
    CM Dutch

  6. Both the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were attacked by Saudis. Osama bin Laden was a connected Saudi.

  7. Of course they were sykes, but the "religion of peace" with "those people is the common denominator I as referring too.

  8. Hi Irish,
    "To CM Dutch in the above any-mouse post"
    'Ol Hugh Hef made a comment from beyond ... all decked out in his silk 'Jamies..... "Tell all those RAG HEADS there ain't no more 72 Virgins!!! Since I Got here!!!!!!!"
    'Got a foto somewhere in the puter with Hef sayin' that... now to find it!!


  9. Nah, just target the power plants and water supply plants and see how long they last.....

  10. I will never be convinced the virgins are only female. Some of them folks like boys who don't shave.


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