Sunday, October 2, 2022

Some Memes To Be Dumped and Shared..




Nordstream , A Very Good, Objective, Analysis.... Updated





*crosses self*

“Hail Mary, full of grace …”

Ok, the Nord pipeline incidents.

Sigh. I shouldn’t do this, but …

I call them “incidents” for a reason. I grew up in overseas oilfields. I try to, by training, observe everything from as objectively neutral a viewpoint as possible.


via a comment at Ken's place.   



 I went back to check out Lawdog's blog and found this update:  HERE<<

Saturday, October 1, 2022

More on the execution of a Tupelo, MS store clerk and the legality of defending oneself with a firearm

 A few weeks ago, after the Memphis jogger attack, rape, and murder of an elementary school teacher, I put up a post that contained a video showing the security camera footage of a perpetrator executing a complying store clerk. It was one of the coldest things I have ever seen. Here is some information from the Armed Attorneys containing some info and a sanitized version showing the "teen" shooting the unarmed clerk on his knees. The clerk was doing everything in his power to appease the "young person" and he still killed the clerk in cold blood. I had much rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. I carry everywhere except where there are metal detectors and do my best to avoid those. 

Here is the original video execution video. YouTube requires age verification to watch since I first saw it. Be warned. It is rough. 

H/T to Ken at Knuckledraggin My Life Away

Leigh from NY cooked up a feast of a supper Friday night!

 Bacon Wrapped/Cherry Wood smoked Pheasant with Rice Pilaf, garden salad, washed down with ample amounts of Hazy Hug Beer. He said, "life is good". It looks to be. I know this meal was enjoyed by all who partook. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

"I'm sick of these black bastards" North Carolina sheriff allegedly said

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is looking into charges of obstruction of justice by the Columbus County sheriff and deputies under his command a spokesperson for the statewide law enforcement agency said Wednesday.

Read the entire story HERE.


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How did human ancestors get confused into thinking there were only two genders?

 They didn't have Tumblr and Reddit to guide them, and instead had to rely on biological reality.

EDIT - Deleted as “hate speech”, restored on appeal. Hate speech against whom? Mythical cavemen? ๐Ÿ˜‚

It must have been terrible; imagine believing that there is only male and female! One wonders how they got by without the enlightened and productive gender-obsessed supermen that have taken our modern society to the pinnacle of happiness and harmony.

No wonder those moronic cavemen only had fire and leopard skin pants; they didn't have any non-binary, agendered or transfemme people around to point out that reality is bigoted.

If only they had had gender studies instead of stone tools and the wheel, we would now be living in a biology-free utopia, where heteronormativity was ruthlessly stamped out as the hate crime it so clearly is.

Thank goodness that nowadays we have a legion of mentally ill teenagers who can't leave the house for fear of being misgendered and an army of virtue-signalling social justice warriors to tell us how bigoted we all are for not having a personality disorder and refusing to sleep with men in dresses who insist that their penises are in fact vaginas. Thank heavens that the writings of a bunch of paedophiles in the 1960s have been embraced as better than scientific fact, and that we can keep children young and ripe for abuse with puberty blockers and hormone treatment.

I'm so grateful to live in such an enlightened time, and look forward to the tyranny of reality finally being replaced by whatever nonsense the most vocal minority group is screeching for that month. Goodbye morality! Goodbye common sense! Goodbye man and woman! To the dustbin of history with you!

H/T to Ed in Moulton

Monday, September 26, 2022

"Group of teens", "police said about a hundred teens", "young people", etc. ransacked a Philadelphia WAWA store


                                                  You know the "code words" used by the media and who really is responsible.



Not only does Philly have a "yute" problem, but hey have an awful excuse for a DA. Read more HERE.

Monday MEMES, Here's To Hoping For A Good Week!






Saturday, September 24, 2022

This Is Short and Concise, Well Worth The 7 or so mins. to Watch...










Please Let Us Know The Response If or When You Use This on a Dem...










Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......Fall









The people that prop him up, program, lie, and cover for him should be ashamed, but they have no shame.


Even though he has fed at the .gov trough most of his life and promoted an agenda that I strongly disagree with, I cannot ridicule him for his physical and mental infirmities. Will he make it another two years? Can America survive this charade of a mentally impaired man posing as the leader of the free world? I, along with millions of other Americans are deeply concerned for a myriad of reasons. Watch as he completely forgets where he is. 



TFIF!! The MEME WAR Edition....





Thursday, September 22, 2022

Funny Stuff...



Watch the volume....







I Got A Feeling TINVOWOOT..


There will have to be a huge corrective action taken to turn the ship around. 

I don't think we can.

Last evening we spent some time with friends.

Their daughter is a Freshman in high school.

During the conversation she was teasingly asked if there are any cute boys in school.

She's mature for her age and this was the response.

"Tsss, No, they are all either EMO or Gay.  I have never seen so many different hair colors."

We are done.

 If that is indicative of the rising "youth" sitting in mom's basement, gaming and being depressed

or effeminate then you might as well summon the meteor.

Which leads me to this:

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How About NO, NO, NOT, NEVER...

Thanks to Guardduck who found the perilous perch from a previous post.



Fiamma Albigna




 Fuck. That.


♫♪♫ Since The Ambosia Post and Today's Music of The 70's, Let's Drop The Needle On This One.... ♫♪♫

 My Gawd, the sound these guys created......








♫♪♫ Their First Album Was Released in 1975...♫♪♫

 I heard this earlier on the 70s Pandora Station. When I came home and started playing

some of their songs I was researching the band.  This caught my eye on wikipedia:

Their first album, the eponymous Ambrosia, produced by Freddie Piro, was released in February 1975.[7] It spawned the top 20 chart single "Holdin' On to Yesterday", as well as "Nice, Nice, Very Nice".[7] The latter sets to music the lyrics to a poem in Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle.[7] The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Recording (other than Classical).

 Alan Parsons was the engineer for Ambrosia's first album and the producer for their second.[6] All four members of Ambrosia played on the first Alan Parsons Project album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, which was recorded soon after Ambrosia's first album. David Pack later appeared on the Alan Parsons album Try Anything Once (1993), co-writing, playing, and providing vocals on three songs.


Remember this is 1976 and the sound quality isn't that good:


 Now, where else have I heard of Alan Parsons?

Oh Ya...

The Dark Side of the Moon was recorded at EMI Studios (now Abbey Road Studios) between 31 May 1972 and 9 February 1973. Pink Floyd were assigned staff engineer Alan Parsons, who had worked as assistant tape operator on their fifth album, Atom Heart Mother (1970), and gained experience as a recording engineer on the Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be.[29][30] The Dark Side of the Moon sessions made use of advanced studio techniques; the studio was capable of 16-track mixes, which offered greater flexibility than the eight- or four-track mixes Pink Floyd had previously used, although they often used so many tracks that to make more space available second-generation copies were made.[31]


 Quite the prolific sound engineer wasn't he?


 Now let's see how it sounds 30 years later:


Even This Turtle Enjoys A MEME Dump....








Gremlins... Appear to be gone for now as far as the layout page issue. Here is how I fixed my blog list side bar issue....


I was able to access the layout page of blogger.

There must me some interesting changes going on over there.


If your blog roll doesn't update or you have issues editting the list

Try this:

1.  Go to the THEME section in your dashboard

2.  Click the down arrow next to CUSTOMIZE

3. Click Edit HTML  be careful

4.The HTML page will display. In the upper right hand corner there are some icons

hover over them so see what they do. The one with 4 squares will open up

"jump to widget"

5. Search for your blog list as you can see mine has bloglist 1 , 2 , and 3.

6. When you click on the widget it will take you to the code.

when I was having issues my old setting had a "display 50" blogs in sidebar.

for some reason they only allow 10.  Check your code at each blog list widget if you have 

more than one.

7. Edit only the number as you can see in the last picture.

Only make one change at a time, save your work (see last picture ) and go back and view the blog to see if

it worked.

 8. Note , the save icon is the small floppy disc in the upper right hand corner.










Monday, September 19, 2022

Be very aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself and loved ones

I saw this article titled Say Her Name linked over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away. It deals with some victims being more equal than others, murder rates through the roof, and how some people throw common sense out the window as they attempt to avoid being perceived as "racist". In other words, they are more concerned about perception than their own well being. I forward the article on to some friends and loved ones who need to me reminded to "go with their gut instincts" and resist caving to "woke" liberals and their ideology when faced with potentially dangerous situations. I thought this article would go perfectly with a video I stumbled upon over at Wired Right last week. The video is graphic and will more than likely require logging in to verify age. It shows what cooperating with a perpetrator got a Tupelo, Mississippi store clerk. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I cannot stress how important situational awareness is today. Remind your loved ones. Arm and train them properly so they may have a fighting chance if put in a life threatening situation. 

It's Monday Part Deux...


Recently I noticed that I can't get to my layout page in blogger. The Gremlins must be hard at work

For now I can't edit any of the items on the blog. Just posts can be done. I have tried

Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Bing, etc.

There are some others that appear to be having this issue.

I'll give it a few days to see if it self corrects.


It's Monday and I Thought That Getting Out of Bed Was A Major Feat Of Daring...


 This guy has me beat, carrying 2 five hundred pound titanium balls with him. 

And, a death wish.







Someone has obviously been there before.

Does anyone recognize the crater??

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Ricky Nelson Room (a follow-up to the "Garden Party" post)

Teen idol and rock-n-roll star Ricky Nelson and his fiancรฉ spent Saturday and Sunday night in room 106 of the Guntersville, Alabama Holiday Inn before his death on NYE 1985.  There is a small plaque on the door of the room stating just that. Ricky had played a show at a small club called PJ's in Guntersville on NYE. Ricky and his finance along with five others were killed when the plane, which was in route to Dallas, Texas, attempted to make an emergency landing in a cow pasture after experiencing smoke in the cabin. The two pilots were the only survivors. The plane was a WW2 vintage DC-3. Rumors persist that the fire in the plane was caused by Ricky and some of the passengers who were said to have been "freebasing Cocaine". Nelsons manager denied that Ricky ever freebased and the FAA concluded the fire originated from the onboard gasoline heater which had a history of malfunctioning. 

More here and here.


♪♫♪ "You see, ya can't please everyone So ya got to please yourself" ♪♫♪









A Few MEMES For Your Sunday Covfefe....



  If you want to hammer the Elite Supremacists residing on the Ivory Isle of 

Martha's Vineyard, go here and share some of the plethora of MEMES <<<

We are winning the MEME war using the lefts own idiocracy and hypocrisy to expose them.






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I Don't Even Know What To Say....

I've seen many WTF things on the internet. 

This is right up there.

I'll drop this as a hint....