Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Heartfelt and Emotional THANK YOU!!


To each and every one of you that took the time to comment and send emails,

It means a lot to me to have the support from all of you.

There are more things to handle as some of you know and some will come to know.

I take solace in the fact that Dad didn't have to go to a care facility. The stories of 

care there or at home are usually negative.

At this time all is well. Mom is doing well and improving.

One positive note, Mom has a family member that works at the funeral home we are using.

She will be visiting with Mom this week and it will make it a lot easier for this next stage

in the process.

Again, Thank you all.


I Remember When The Gas Pumps Automatically Stopped At $100.00


 This was yesterday. Half a tank in the truck and 4 gas cans:


and every POS politician on both sides of the aisle..


Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....


When You Were Down And Out, Mom Always Said....

  "Get you helmet on and get back in the game!"

From what I was told, Dad played football at Notre Dame his freshman year.

That was what the coach would tell the players.

Mom used that to get us to stop fartin' around and get going....

I'll be back later.  Looking for my helmet.

On Mom and Dad....


   It's been a long couple weeks for sure.  

Mom is a strong woman from French Canadian stock. Her 86th Birthday was earlier this week

and she had to spend it in the hospital. 


Back on Thursday May 6th she was concerned about getting her license renewed. She still

likes to get out to the market and the dollar store to get essentials. When she got home in the afternoon

she called me at work and excitedly told me she passed her renewal test and she got her license.

Friday afternoon May 7th she called and asked if I could stop by to check on my Dad.

He has been suffering with the curses of old age which, as many know, is such a sad situation.

Alzheimers, dementia , sundowners, confusion.

Mom and my brother have been caring for him for the past two years as he has slowly declined.

I talk to Mom on a daily check-in and sometimes will get Dad on the phone for a bit. Sometimes

it would take a minute and he would be coherent and other times not so much. I would visit 

as time allowed.

The Friday I stopped by Dad hadn't been out of bed for a day and I think Mom calling was

for me to give her the confirmation that it was time for home care or adult care facility.

I spent time with him, he was uncomfortable but didn't really have any specific issue he 

could identify.  Mom and I talked later about the next phase.

Over the weekend of the 7th and 8th Mom started coughing and had congestion. I spoke with her

both days and she sounded sick but "it's just a cold".


Monday morning my Brother called and said he took her to the hospital. She was

admitted and tested positive for Covid. My Brother did the lions share of taking care of Dad

over the weekend but said Dad had a cough as well. Other family members close to Mom

and in the healthcare industry told me it would be best to call for an ambulance to transport 

Dad to the hospital due to Mom not being at home.

Monday, in the afternoon he was admitted and tested positive for Covid and had "covid" pneumonia.

Everyday I spoke with the nurses for each of them to get updates. They were all very pleasant

and comforting. Since both of my parents had covid , visitation wasn't allowed.


During the past week, Mom, physically was getting better, but mentally depressed as to being 

stuck in this "god d**m" hospital room in an uncomfortable bed and getting no sleep.

Speaking with the nurses, I pushed to get her released as the atmosphere was debilitating

more than the illness.  They had various disciplines check on Mom and all agreed she

could be discharged but still needed portable oxygen and will get a visiting nurse each day.


Yesterday I picked her up and was a bit shocked at how frail and old she looked.

We gathered all her stuff and I loaded her into the truck and brought her home. She cried

when we rounded the corner to the house. I cried.


I stopped in front of the house to unload her and all the supplies and she complained that a 

light was out in her front lamp. "Mom, you got more shit to worry about than a bulb"

"I know, but what will the neighbors think?"

"Who gives a shit" I replied

We laughed

Then she said what I had been avoiding.

"What are we going to do about Dad?"

"It's not good and now's not the time" I replied, "We can discuss it later"


Getting her changed and set up in a comfortable chair with her oxygen you could visibly 

see her coming back to life. Her color returned to her face, she had some real food, not the 

"shitty hospital crap" and the light returned to her eyes.

Rewind a couple days to Wednesday the 18th. 

I received a call from Dad's Dr. He had been stable for awhile but the pneumonia was


During his stay they were not able to give him a feeding tube and he was not able to swallow

without choking. This was something that started happening at home in the past few months.

His Dr. was extremely caring and compassionate as we discussed options and the 

outcome of the chosen path.  It was decided to keep the IV and antibiotics and we discussed

the possibility of an "emergency event". As difficult as the words were to say I said

"Do not resuscitate, Do not intubate". We chatted more and his demeanor was very calming

and understanding. I reached out to other close family members and all were in agreement

to this path.

Yesterday, early afternoon at work,  the Dr. called again with an update and explained that 

Dad was "uncomfortable".

I told him I was going to discharge Mom and get her home. My thoughts were to hopefully

get her well enough to go see Dad before the inevitable.

I asked the Dr. if they could administer something to ease his situation and I needed to focus

on Mom. 

While tending to Mom at the house the hospital called again. Dad was not doing good.

We talked about care and comfort only at this time and moving him to hospice at the hospital.

I told the Dr. I will be there in 20-30 mins to see him. He said he looked forward to meeting me

and would change the protocols.  As I got in my truck 20 mins after that call my phone buzzed.

again it was Dad's Dr.  " Hi John, this is Dr. *** I'm sorry to tell you this but your Dad has 

passed".  We talked a bit about the next steps but I couldn't carry the conversation. We agreed

to talk today.

I left to get the prescriptions for my Mom and clear my head. 

A few calls to other close family members it was decided to wait until today, after Mom rested

and had a good night's sleep in her own bed, that I would tell her the news. 

When I returned from the pharmacy she was doing really good. 

I set up a plan with her and my brother for that meds and the oxygen and told them to expect

a call from the visiting nurses.

I was hoping to not have to tell them about what had transpired an hour ago.

There was the sinking feeling in my stomach , as I sat there, that she would call the hospital to

check on Dad.

"What are we going to do about Dad?" she asked.

"It's not good Mom"

I told them, through tears, what had happened and I let her and my Brother digest the news.

We all cried.

Through the tears, the talk turned to all the stuff they did taking care of Dad and the funny situations 

that would arise sometime.

I explained the whole situation and how it came to be.

The Dr. had told me there were two nurses in his room when he passed. They were

preparing to change the protocol to the "care and comfort" we had chosen and never 

got a chance. I have solace knowing he wasn't alone in a cold white hospital room.

We agreed to have a clergy member to visit with him and administer last rites.

Today I will call the funeral home.

Looking back with tears in my eyes it was actually a blessing how this all transpired.

Dad would have been in assisted living or hospice sooner than later.

Mom, if she didn't get covid, would have been there everyday watching him slowly die.

Up until a few days before this all transpired they, my mom and brother, can remember

him the way he was. Up eating his cereal and bananas. Watching the same TV show.

Reading the paper, over and over. Asking my Mom "How long have you worked here?"


Thank you my friends, It has helped me to write this down.

Good bye Dad, I love you. You're at peace now.

Mom and Dad this past December,

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Amazing Story.....


I watched this the other night...





"Who's Behind The Door?"....


  Sure, The LGB KlownKar from 50 feet is a laughing joke of immeasurable stupidity and idiocracy given

the daily flood of information we see regarding the three ring circus.

The Ministry of Truth came and went faster than a boys first handjob. 

Kamalawaladingdong speeches are basically incoherent ramblings.

 The new press secretary hired for color and sexual preference over ability.

The daily list of things goes on and on.

 It's bizarre to say the least.


Mentally stepping outside the tent for a moment of fresh air, closing your eyes and tilting your head

back to feel the warm sunshine on your face, ask yourself:

"Are the people behind the scenes, 

the Ones that are in controlling the strings,

the Ones that are making the decisions,

the Ones that are presenting this sideshow circus of the amazing absurdity,

the Ones funding the continuous bullshit for the populace to point and laugh at,

 are they just as inept and dysfunctional as what is presented face value?"

If so, God help us.


I doubt it. I think they are just fucking with us.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Reader Joe Sends This: " Is the US Giving Sovereignty Over to the WHO?"




Hey Irish!

Forwarding this to you.  You seem to be the only one that I can find a way to contact.  I don't do social media of any kind, so email is all I got.  

Can you put this on your blog, and also get it out to other blogs?  I check out bustednuckles, knuckledragginmylifeaway, dailytimewaster, filthiesthunderbox, woodsterman, dad'sdeadpool, eatgrueldog, and theviewfromladylake.  All you guys are awesome.  I'm sure the readers of y'alls sites would be quite interested in how the fuckjoebiden administration is out to fuck us all over royally again.  Watch the video clip below.  See what you think.  Obviously, it is not news they are advertising to the American people.

Anyway, see if your other bloggers can disseminate this, as well.

Thanks for all you do! 

MAJ, US Army, ret.
Here is the link to watch and share: 

This is urgent! The World Health Organization (WHO), with assistance from the Biden Administration, is set to vote on a provision that could give this organization control of the health directives of 193 countries around the world. If passed, it could allow communist China, which controls the WHO, to dictate our national health decisions.

Watch this video by former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for details. Please take action and contact your senators and congressman today and tell them to stop this WHO power grab!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Update on Mom...


  Mom is doing better, thank god, and thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

I spoke with her a few times yesterday as well as to her nurse. She sounds less congested and 

they have reduced the oxygen levels to less than when she went in. She only has an oxygen 

cannula under her nose and IV for fluids. She is eating and staying hydrated.

As far as she is aware , no remdesivir.  We have other issues to take care of that involve Dad,

so she has to get her "helmet on and get back in the game". Something she used to tell me.

Life sometimes throws you a huge shit sandwich. The only way is to digest it is in small bites

and one day it will be gone only to be replaced by something else. In between that, the sun

shine feels warm as it rises in the sky. Everything is sprouting and budding. The birds sing

Rabbits and squirrels frolic in the yard,

and the cats want to eat them...

Caesar on the left and Julius on the right. Both were feral. Julius adopted us and we adopted Caesar.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

More On "The Boy In The Boat" a few posts below..... Someone recognized him....


 "So, I recognized the boy in the boat.  The grandchild of Czarist Russian émigrés and son of a Scandinavian émigré, the boy in the boat grew up in the wilds of the Northwest coastline. Latchkey kid, parents scraping by, chooses flight school in lieu of an "invitation" from LBJ in '65.


The governments straps a $3 million Huey gunship to his backside first tour, he gets a 6-month vacay flying the Czech border in an unarmed CH-34, and finally, straps a +/- $11 million Cobra gunship to that same backside for his return engagement, second tour.


All in all, the boy in the boat went on to fly 996 combat missions in Vietnam over the two tours, never losing a man and never losing a gunship.  Bronze Star, Air Medals, Distinguished Flying Cross. 


Understand, though, if driving the boat and the helicopters weren't dangerous enough, the boy in the boat went on to become a high school shop teacher and 25 years after that, married some feral Texas chick.


We can only hope boys today get a chance at a life like that..."




Thanks SO Much For The Input. No Remdesivir For Mom.


  She's doing Ok and stable. We can't visit due to the Covid so everything is over the phone.

The nurses are great and I am thankful at this time.

I have made it clear they are not to administer Remdesivir.

I told her Mom to ask for the monoclonal antibodies.

She is awake and aware so she has to tell the Dr. what to do. If that changes then I 

am the proxy.

Again, thank you for all the input. I needed confirmation of my choice to help her.


Remdesivir? Yes or No?

 My mother is in the hospital with Covid and they want to give her remdisivir.  I remember hearing it’s bad. 

Any input ?  


Back In The Day When Men Were Made....


 Not like the fruitloops of today.




Searches for old Johnson Seahorse Outboards I found this image of a AT-10 Early 1940's?


Estimating the young man's age he was probably born in the early 30's.

My dad was born in 1933 he will be 89 in July. God willing he makes it.

I wonder what kind of life the boy in the boat had?



H/t to A for the pictures of the young skipper.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Irish 1 Screw 0

On Wednesday I posted about the lost then found license plate screw.

♪♫♪ Should it stay or should it go? ♪♫♪

I had some time today and decided to futz around and see about getting it out.

eewtoob had some good info of why I chose to not go deep into the project.

Basically, the TJ tank is strapped to the skid plate and the whole assembly is 

raised into postition. Fuck, that.

Here is a still from one of the videos. 

You have to depressurize the fuel system. Disconnect hoses and the fill tube. Wiring etc.

At any point, as Murphy's Law notes, I know something would go wrong.

I grabbed the little endoscope wifi camera and after a few tries I got this view:

The screw had made it's way into one of the formed stiffening channels. 

There is plenty of room to let it spend the rest of it's life there but I figured

 I would make a little more of an effort to get it out.

I aimed a flash light through the drain hole and could see that the screw was aft of the hole.

After some manipulation with the flexible magnet doo-hickey I got the screw to the hole

and hanging down. 

I was able to easily fish a piece of 22 gauge stranded copper wire through the hole 

and up and out of the skid plate. 

The plate is wet from the PB Blaster that I had prepped all the hardware

with ahead of time. 

I just took a rag and wiped it all around. 

Someone noted how rust free this TJ is.

 It lived it's life in Florida and it is completely void of any rot other than surface rust.

Here you can see the screw and wire in the drain hole.


I flared the stranded wires and wrapped them around the threads of the screw.

A small strip of gorilla tape finished the job.

Slow easy pull and it was extracted.

I'm gonna put it under my pillow and see if the missing hardware fairy will visit 

 in the middle of the night.


I win.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Brilliant Idea But Guilt, and Not Losing, Will Win Out....


I like anonymous's idea.... Brilliant!!

But, B is right and it's not a chance worth taking

A few years back, I bought one of these bore scopes. We had mice chew through some wires and short

out a light and outlet. Before tearing everything apart I used this to get a look behind the wall.

Link it to the Ipad and it works good enough, not great, to see in areas through a 3/8 hole.

I'll see if I can get it to look in the area between the bottom of the tank and the skid plate.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

This Will Only Take 5 Minu..... 2 Hours plus and The Fucker Beat Me....

 For now...

Wanted to add a new license plate mount to the bosses Jeep. 2 bolts for the plate

4 for the mount. Easy- Peasy- Lemon Sqweezie~~!! 

Take plate off  (🗸)

Take mount off   (🗸)

Clean surface  (🗸)

Attach new mount  (🗸)

Attach plate one bolt to hold in place  (🗸)  Around the 4 minute or so mark.

Start other bolt by hand to align, grab screw driver and *tink* the sound of a bolt bouncing

off metal... 


  Look on floor, NOPE. 

Run fingers along grooves and any accessible area, NOPE.

Lay on floor reach up and around bumper, NOPE. WTF??

Check floor and under around each tire, nuts and bolts can gain energy from the cosmos

somehow and end up across the floor. Thought about calling Phil to have him check his floor.

They can go that far on a rare occasion.


Grab moar toolz...

Undo the bumper end...


Check inside bumper better... NOPE

Fish around and.... nothing.... then I notice the space between the gas tank and skid plate.

Nooooooo...  Reach fingers up and it's wide enough.. FUCK.. no way.

Get off garage floor.. go get Home Depot lighted mirror. 

Return with cardboard and lay back on floor... May just sleep here at this point.

Turn on light, extend mirror.... and...

Between the tank ( right arrow) and skid plate ( left arrow)  down at the bottom



Get out cutting torch to see if I can make a small hole....




  just kidding.....




I tried a magnet on the end of a wire tie. With the mirror I could see it touch the screw

but not enough to lift it.  I then got the little flexible finger extender do-hickey but 

the area was too narrow.  Finally I tried a piece of welding wire bent to fit with a little 

U shape on the end. I was able to start to drag it up the wall when... the wire sprung and 

flicked the bolt down the wall. It must have rolled under the tank because I can't find it.

There are stiffening ribs stamped in the tank so I hope it makes it's way into one of those.

My only concern may be when the tank is totally full and the bolt is possibly wedged

between the tank and skid plate it will cause a very small stress area and with vibration

may wear through the tank. 

I hope I'm dead and buried before there is the smell of gas dripping in the garage....


Morning Prayer.....









Tuesday, May 3, 2022





 Well now, that didn't take long from this meme to reality:




  and... right on cue:

Pelosi and Schumer Attack “Trump Justices”

They also want to keep the war going with Russia......

Monday, May 2, 2022

Remember The Rabbit Hole I Mentioned This Morning? IT's YUGE.....

  First off, thanks for the lunch , pub, beer , dinner ideas near Sunapee and Claremont. The meeting went good but it went later than we expected. I just headed back to the East Coast. ( No I wasn't walking STxAR :) )

Most likely I will be out that way again so I'll make better arrangements now that I have a list.

Again , Thank for the suggestions.

Now onto the rabbit hole.  When I was researching Sullivan Machine and Claremont NH there

was a link to this page that someone had posted in a comment thread.


I haven't explored any more than a few pages on a few of those links and only on

this one page shown below.

"Making of America."  There are tons of links under each of those headings seen here as

a snip:



The one I was led to was Manufacturing and Builder ( 1969-1894 )

Click on that leads to this snip image:


Now click on any of those "Item Links" and it will take you to a copy of the digitized book.

The first one I followed "Vol. 1 1869 leads to a 386 page book.... 


 and there are 26 Volumes.


So, from the first image snapshot above there are 23 Categories in "Making of America."

Under each of those there are god knows how many links to the various publications.

This is a rabbit hole of unimaginable depth and intricacy.   I haven't even gone to the Cornell

Home or Search fuction at the tippy top of their page and checked to see it it goes to an 

upper level.....

Here is the link again.....


Leave a comment if you find anything really interesting for the rest of us.

Have fun, 


Business Travels Today.... Brunch / Lunch Suggestions Western New Hampshire... and The Sullivan Machine Company....



  My travels will take me out to the Western side of New Hampshire. If opportunity or time is 

available I may try out brunch in that area.  Any suggestions in the Sunapee, Newport, Claremont 

route / area?

If I get the chance to stop I will report back my findings.

This looks good, but I'd have to sleep for a day or two after that.

Checking out the history of Claremont, I found out that there was a large, turn of the century

manufacturer there. The Sullivan Machine Co. They built drilling and mining equipment.

Here's some interesting images from the Library of Congress. <<<<<<<

Huge facility on the river.......

I found a rabbit hole, while searching info,  that I have to explore later........