Saturday, July 18, 2020

Damn Right!

Followers, Readers, Lurkers, Friends, Romans, Countrymen....

  I do appreciate all the comments and emails on the past few posts. You all are the best!

Here is just one of the reasons I blog.  "Badseed" requested that I share this comment,

Hello Irish,
   I come to your blog first thing in the morning and go to other sites off of yours. I really like that I can go to another site and yours stays put so I can come right back. I also like that when I go to another site I can go to my favorites and replace a site that I got to from yours. I generally keep yours up first in the browser bar next is theconservativetreehouse and then weasel zippers. I enjoy all of your blog everyday, the pictures and headers that you put up are incredible. I'm a tech dinosaur and have no idea how to create and do the things you put together on your blog.
     The assinine audacity of some posters on various blogs amazes me, who the fuck do these people think they are. If you don't like something on a blog move your dumbass right along. Nobody is asking you to spend what you must think is your soooo valuable time. Buzz off and don't bother coming back!!!!!!. Geeeezzzzz!!
 Tdub, you can consider this a verbal asskicking since I don't have the pleasure of attending to it in person.
     Irish I would have posted this in comments but for some reason I could not get anything typed into the block. If you can please post this in your comment section I would appreciate it. I worked for a fellow one time that introduced me to a latin phrase that seems most appropriate at this time.
ILLEGITIMIS NON CARBORUNDUM EST, loosely translated to don't let the bastards drag you down!
   Please keep the excellent work on your blog and ignore the jerks.
Sincerely, Badseed
Is your frost line really 6' down or did someone have nothing better to do but bury a line to arctic specs? BTW, this is my first ever post on your blog.

( short answer, according to frost penetration maps it can be 36"-48". Global warming probably has changed that to 3.6-4.8 :) )

Closer To Home, Than I Like...

     This past Wednesday we had severe thunderstorms come through. In the afternoon when I talked to "The Boss" she said there was a lightning strike close enough that the flash and thunder were simultaneous. There was smoke in the air near the barn but she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when she went out to check for damage/fire. When I got home from work , and it was getting dark, we noticed that there were some circuit breakers tripped in the barn and a few overhead LED bulbs were dead.  Double check things and replace bulbs. All good. I didn't investigate too much as there were other things to get done.

 Forward to last night.

After mucking the stalls I was taking the shit cart out to the manure pile when I noticed that a section of the electric fence was down. It happens once in a while. Usually a tree limb or deer. The horses never go near it once you teach them what it does. As a matter of fact it has been unplugged for a few weeks. Anyway, I'm getting closer with the four wheeler and suddenly realize holy shit now it makes sense.

This tree is 100 yards or so from the barn and house

That ain't grizzly bear scratches.

Shit got real.

It looks like the lighting struck that pine, traveled down the tree, and blew the 2x4 with the electric fence wire off the tree. There were arc burns on the wire so I know it traveled back to the charger on the barn.

Ah ha moment.

At the barn the end of the fence wire was separated from the charger. One fuse on the input leg was completely obliterated and, as you can see, the power cord blew out against the meter. None of this was specifically noticeable until a closer CSI investigation.

Damn lucky the barn is standing. That "birds nest" is a hanging flower pot liner.

As a matter of fact, If there was a fire I would have another story about the lawn hydrant not being in service as a water source and I might lose another follower.

 I guess someone was looking out for us.

Time to research lightning protecting an electric fence.

For those that saw the title to this post, a segue

Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale...... In Under(the)wire....

 ( I see that Phil and I found the same image ^^^ )

We Have A First Here At The Home Of The Feral Irishman.... Just 4 Months Shy of 10 Years..

  I started this blog on November 16th 2010. Since then I have spent untold hours of my limited spare time trying to find things of interest, tales to tell, political intrigue and of course b (.)(.)bs.

All this has been done FREE to my readers at MY expense.  Over the years the circle has grown and I have met some great, like minded, people on line.

Many of us have seen other bloggers come and go. We have seen the posts about bloggers that have, sadly, passed away. We have witnessed new bloggers join the ranks. We've also had some bloggers go quiet and needed to be coaxed back.. *cough... Boilerdoc.

There has been tragedy, comedy, triumph, failures, intellectual discourse, sophomoric ramblings, conspiracy theories and a general sense of sharing with others that are like minded.

 I do this as a hobby, not a job. I don't make money and haven't added annoying adds. I post when I can and post what is on my mind.

I have dealt with the random trolls and countless spammers. Both should be drawn and quartered.

Tonight though a first. There was a comment that took first place. I was gonna delete it but I changed my mind.

This is the type of person that gets invited over to your house, brings nothing, eats and drinks all your booze and food, hits on your daughter, takes peanut butter in the bathroom to get the dog to lick it off their balls, then complains.

Ladies and gentlemen may I present:

TDub July 17, 2020 at 4:27 PM
... way, way over your valve issue/obsession~! ... move on ... do something interesting to make amends for the brain fart in blogging or aka... how to run off your followers... seriously

 First off Mr Dub,  This is a weblog. MY and coauthor Jeffery's Weblog.

Here, some education:
1) A weblog, sometimes written as web log or Weblog, is a Web site that consists of a series of entries arranged in reverse chronological order, often updated on frequently with new information about particular topics. <<< see nothing says I have to worry about whether or not YOU'RE entertained.

Moving on,

 Really?? "YOU'RE" way over "MY" valve issue?  Gee, sorry to piss in your cheerios there chap.

I worked all fucking day, I came home and did my daily chores then I decided to fix the leaky valve which turned to shit. So I made a post that was intended to make light of the situation and give some of my readers a laugh at my expense.

Next up,

"Do something interesting??" you say..... what am I a zoo animal?


I'm picking up speed now..

I'm gonna "run off my followers" ?  I'll let you in on a little secret, I get over 15,000 hits a day.

15,000-1 is 14,999.<<  see, if you don't come back I ain't gonna miss ya.

  The funny thing about this blog is the fact that I don't do it for hits or followers or income or celebrity. I do it because I CHOSE to.  If others enjoy stopping by then they are welcome.

If YOU come to my page and I'm not "entertaining" you at the moment that is YOUR issue not mine.

I will let you in on a little secret though, Sport. Right now, as I type this, many of my "followers" are getting ready to enjoy tonight's FFF post.  They are rushing the kids through dinner, finding a way to get the wife to go out, and deciding what beverage to have.

They are gonna be pissed at you for me having to waste valuable time writing this drivel when I should be polishing up tonight's post.

You must be the life of the party, "Karen"

Is TDub right?

Yea, the valve thing was too much.
Fuck off TDub. WE love coming here.
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The Leaky Lawn Hydrant Epilogue...

For now the hydrant is fixed. The last little leak was repaired with Water Weld and Flex tape.

I re-cleaned the seam of the cast iron head where it meets the galvi tube and added a bead of WW and wrapped it tight with the tape.

I know some of you mentioned replacing the unit. At this time that is impossible. It's located in the barn. And it's 6-7 feet deep.

 I'm not prepared to have the driveway look like this:

Here is the layout of the water system. The well feeds the house and it appears they tapped off the feed and added 3 hydrants. There is no shut off. For scale I left the truck in this photo of the watering system. The well is located behind a shed and it feeds three of the same style hydrant. We also have no idea of how they laid the line to feed each one. There is ledge in certain areas.

 Leaky hydrant #3 is in the barn.

After spending some time on the internet I found Yard Hydrant Made Easy.  It looks like a pretty slick way to go. My plans are to purchase one of these units and a new model hydrant plus the shut off kit. There is plenty of room to excavate #1 and install the new spigot and shut off. Then I can isolate the system and not affect the house. Any other product suggestions are welcomed. If all goes well, and it won't, Murphy ya know,  I will move on to #2.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Muscle Cars... From The Mast Head..

The mast head was an image I found during one my webszurf. Some of you emailed me so I did a little google-fu and found a bunch of pictures of these beautiful time pieces. It seems the Germans like American Muscle as well.

52 images her<<<

Woohoo!! It's Frid.......Shit.....


  Fucked up times my friends,

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mission Accomplished...98% success rate.

  So, the valve is made by Merrill and back in the day they epoxied the heads onto galvi tubes.

When I contacted them they were very helpful and sent along some information.

I let the epoxy sit for 24 hours and just to be safe I drilled and tapped a couple 10-24 SS pan heads through the cast iron and tube ( circled in red).

When I turned the well back on there was no more leak around the pull shaft and the packing nut BUT sadly there's a slight leak on the backside through the epoxy joint. I mudded both the head and the tube and spun it back and forth. No idea how it didn't take.

Oh well, I'll get some more JB weld and add some thick rubber and a hose clamp.

This thing is around 30 years old. Sooner or later it will be replaced.