Friday, October 30, 2020

♫♫ Mystery .. The World Is a Game ♫♫ A band I never heard of AND while researching, I found a neat website...

  Regarding this band and album:

 It's like  a wine review..  a hint of Yes and Rush's Geddy Lee with some good progressive notes.

 I 've had this "album" playing on the desktop as I hack around the webz. They were linked on the sidebar on youtube while I was listening to the Airbag song I posted earlier.  I decided to give them a listen and am pleased that I did.

 Here is their wiki page:


What?? these guys have been around since 1986 and I have NEVER heard of them?

If you don't have a lot of time, scroll to the last song ( around the 40min mark )  " Another Day"


Now, regarding that awesome website I found.  For shits and giggles I did a google search of the term

bands like mystery.  I checked a few hits then happened upon this page:

( IF it doesn't embiggenfy, here is the LINK<<< ) 



In the upper left hand corner it says:


So you enter a band and it will link similar bands that will be similar to the artist. 

This opens a whole Pandora's box of new music to explore.  

So I tried Mystery and look at how many other " similar" artists there are. You will notice that Airbag is just below my choice of "Mystery". Now to spend hours checking out all those other artists.

Go to the LINK and try your own artist.<<

Friday Femme Fatale....







♫♫ These Guys Are On My Must See List....♫♫


  Stay with it... it's a long jam...









Wishing all a safe and festive Halloween!

 I had to dig way back in the archives and blow the dust off some of these. I know our favorite Jeannie will not distract most from the real threats of zombies, rioters, peaceful protesters, and commies of all sorts. Stay vigilant, prepared, and aware of potential threats. I am thinking next Wednesday night while the moon is still full is when we may see the most "activity" of the aforementioned entities.

Barbara Eden - Happy Halloween!!! Be safe! Have fun and... | Facebook

Actress Barbara Eden carving a pumpkin in a Pilgrim ensemble for Halloween.  Photo: NBC | Barbara eden, I dream of jeannie, Celebrities female

Into The Out Of | Barbara eden, I dream of jeannie, Dream of jeannie


Photo by Islandwitch | I dream of jeannie, Dream of jeannie, Barbara eden

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tired of hearing about the "GAP" between Trump and Biden? Take a break and check out a different kind of "gap".




H/T to Bob in KY

IT Followed Me Home, Can I Keep Her?


Alternate titles

"Facebook Marketplace Is Usefully Dangerous"



"She's Dead Jim"




 "Adventure's of Irish part.."2many". "


Looking to upgrade the arsenal for the annual leaf battle that commences around these parts I spent some time searching for an upgrade to the mower and bagger currently under employ. This past Saturday morning covfefe search led to a bunch of local results ranging from dirt cheap to 4-5 thousand depending on model of mower, extras etc.  Obviouly, a glutton for punishment, Irish started at the bottom.

2013 great shape 48" Husqvarna. Engine not so good. Price, attractive. You know, like the image you see when you click on the first picture "they" use on dating websites attractive. They you get them home.

Anyway, after pushing her up the ramps into the truck bed, she followed me home:


 Hoping for maybe a stuck valve or something that the leprechauns would sprinkle on me, I spun a few bolts to see what was going on.

As I dialed Phil for back up and had him on the phone I spun out the spark plugs and popped off the OHV covers to find that both exhaust pushrods were bent. "Hmmmm" I said, as Phil said "That's weird". 

I tried spinning the flywheel again and it was still hard stopped. I checked the valves and none stuck.

Reaching under the front end I removed the drive belts from the bottom of the engine. Tried the flywheel again and suddenly it rotated forward and reverse no obstruction. Phil says "That's weird"

Using a pushrod, I inserted it into the left cylinder to feel the piston movement. I hit the key and the fucking pushrod crumpled and jammed in the head!!

  Heh, just kidding.

Rotating the flywheel by hand the rod rose and fell with the piston. Moving on to the right cylinder, slowly inserting the pushrod until it made contact with the piston and......... I could push the piston in.

Fuck.  Phil said "That's weird". We laughed.  I bid adieu.

 A few more wrenchings and 10 minutes later I texted him this photo:

Oh well, I got the whole lawn tractor for the price of two dinners out on the town. It's amazing how much of a throw away society we have become.

For now I'm gonna look for a used engine or maybe a short block.

More later.. I have to change into my work mode.

Hopefully she will be back to looking good again.


Sunday, October 25, 2020