There is no more ardent and outspoken supporters of your right to bear arms in the gun industry today than the folks over at Palmetto State Armory. This just came across the wire and I think it needs sharing-
Hi All,
We have done a commemorative lower for the Commonwealth of Virginia. In January they will have a Democratic controlled House, Senate, and an extremely liberal Anti-Gun governor. They have introduced legislation that will be passed in January. It will make Virginia gun laws equal to, if not harsher than California or New York. This legislation will go into affect in July. 
In anticipation of this we submitted a variance to the ATF for a Virginia-15. We have the approved variance back now. I am linking to the lower below. $10 from the sale of each lower will be going to the Virginia Citizens Defense League.
VCDL is a grass roots pro 2A group that is fighting the state of Virginia, and helping to get “2A sanctuary” cities and counties declared, as well as working in other areas of this fight. $10 from the sale of each lower will go do VCDL to help them in their fight. 
Any help you can give by promoting this lower via Affiliate would be greatly appreciated. We have sold 1400 of them in less than 24 hours. We want to continue this trend by making the lower go viral.
Thank you,
Not only are they aiming to grab the guns,  but they’re aiming to nullify the entirety of the Second Amendment through the most important part- training. If you’re in Virginia, the good news is that I’m not far away. And judging buy what I’ve seen first hand, the groups in VA need it. No time like the present.
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