Saturday, October 5, 2019

Crazed Liberal Melts Down At AOC Town Hall Meeting: "We've got to start eating babies"

This is meltdown is par for the course with these environmental "wack jobs" and "climtards". Naturally, after the backlash the AOC camp starts crying foul, claiming the rant was a  hoax by some Trump affiliated group, a conspiracy, etc. The one question I'd like to ask AOC, as Tucker Carlson stated, was "whether it was a plant or not, why wouldn't AOC's first response to the eat the babies remarks be to reply that no one eats babies". Instead she said nothing and tried to call the woman by saying we had a little more time than a few months to save the planet. 

Keeping Your Handgun on Your Nightstand Is a Good Idea...

 In The Not To Distant Future, You might want to keep a few bananas as well.



It's 35 degrees here... Time for Coffee and Flannel....

Go Grab Your Coffee and Enjoy This Story From Across The Pond...

This story is going viral because someone finally decided to stand up to these animals....

'No one had a baton - so we headbutted him': Passenger reveals how a fellow commuter bravely stepped into stop a man 'threatening to stab people' on a packed train

  • Suited man struck bearded man on c2c service between West Ham and Barking 
  • Commuters cheered and praised him for protecting passengers in East London
  • Bearded man was allegedly harassing others and was restrained until Upminster
  • Police then arrested him on suspicion of carrying a knife and a theft offence 

"When a bloke of about 60 asked him to stop he attacked him. The big bloke and some others pulled him off. The big guy restrained him for about five or six minutes while being permanently shouted at and abused. Finally he had enough."


 What's really sad is the government over there will probably hand that little fucker the keys to the city and issue a huge apology, meanwhile trying to find a way to ruin the big guys life.

Me?, I would buy the hero a few beers!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

FU(%ING SAVAGE Pleads Guilty in Brutal Attack, Rape of Woman on Her Own Long Island Front Lawn

According to the article, the suspect raped the victim for over an hour in her front yard. The assault and rape was captured on a private security camera.

Read more HERE.

All The Hard Work To Catch A Glimpse....

 Step 1: Make sure you help interview potential babysitters...

Step 2: When the timing is right, pretend you fell out of the tree...

Step 3:  Wait.....

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Last Days Of "When Racing Was Racing"

Image result for southern 500 confederate flag

NASCAR has been headed down the road of "political correctness" for years now. It started when NASCAR decided to ban Confederate flags from race grounds. Then, they decided to humiliate and degrade their base by calling them WalMart shoppers and hillbillies. Most recently,  NASCAR  has contracted a severe case of  "Hollyweirdness" and Dixie Chick Syndrome. The powers that be in upper management at NASCAR have most recently made the decision to abandon the National Rifle Association from being a sponsor of the sport. While I think the NRA has their problems I see this as not an attack on the NRA, but an attack against the Second Amendment and a self-inflicted death blow to NASCAR.  A very conclusive litmus test that NASCAR is done is when my wife says to me after this last incident self mutilation on NASCAR's part, "they (NASCAR) can kiss my ass. I'll never watch another race, ever" She was a die hard fan that came from a family of racers. Personally, the liberal elitists who inherited the legacy of the France family left me a long time ago with silly but subtle changes like restirctor plate rules, four door Taurus', and by allowing Toyota in the mix. I know there are many moments that defined old school NASCAR racing, but here are few clips that stand out in my mind and from my time. I think I was six when I saw my first race at Talladega back in 1970. It was fun while it lasted, but the best days of real men driving 200 m.p.h. machines are past us. I am thankful for the memories.

The "Allison/Yarborough Fight" Daytona 1979

Talladega 1984

Miscellaneous Superbirds

How I Would Rather Spend My Monday...

But no....... off to the salt mines.....