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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Keeping Your Handgun on Your Nightstand Is a Good Idea...

 In The Not To Distant Future, You might want to keep a few bananas as well.




  1. I wonder what else besides banana peels cause them problems. Waxed paper, very thin car-waxed floor tiles or teflon sheets maybe? I'd guess their biped humanoid version would have problems with marbles or ball bearings.

  2. 00 buck shot..

  3. We'll worry about ROBOT dogs when we get them. I wanna see how they stand up to 00 Buck . . .
    I used to have a couple of Goldens that would do that without bananas. They didn't give a shit. They also liked to get loose, and either chase deer, or take a trip across the bay front, in the Hydrogen sulfide ooze, and bring all that muddy wonder back home, and they were always looking like, "What?, we dindoo nufin". Then there was the day that Sunny disappeared for 4 hours, and I found him in front of the shop up the hill with the back half of a deer that had been dead for a while. He was happy as a clam! Me, not so much.
    But the beloved Goldens were a wonderful part of our lives, and we miss them. Their successor, is an overweight Dachshund, that thinks he owns the county. He'll angrily bark a 100 Ft. long trawler running up the bay, at 400 yards off! He's bad, He's Nationwide! ZZ That! Maybe he gets that from me , , Idunno?

  4. Titus, my Rottweiler would fuck that shit up in about 6 seconds. He has to go outside when my wife vac's and inside when I use a chainsaw.


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