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Jen Offered Two Words Regarding The Mayor and Security Guy Post Last Night... 'Daniel Penny'...





He subdued a mentally ill homeless guy, with a lengthy mental health and criminal record, who was threatening people on the subway.

The State failed him by continuously letting him roam the streets.

Maybe his family should seek justice from the state not blood from someone who intervened.


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This Will Give You A Chuckle With Your Covfefe.....and What Is Driving All This?




 Last night I was conversing with Phil and sent him that link for a laugh. Then I forwarded

up with "How the fuck has this whole thing gone so global so fast?".  He sent back this 

link  as an example. 


Searching the comments these caught my eye:


Then I found this podcast clip in the comments..





White House Double's Down On This Story.. Offering Actual Image Of Bosey's Last Moments...



MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister James Marape accused Joe Biden of disparaging the South Pacific island nation by implying that an uncle of the U.S. president had been eaten by “cannibals” there during World War II.

Biden’s comments offended a key strategic ally as China moves to increase its influence in the region.

The president spoke at a Pennsylvania war memorial last week about his Army Air Corps aviator uncle Second Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr., whom he said was shot down over Papua New Guinea, which was a theater of heavy fighting.


“They never found the body because there used to be — there were a lot of cannibals for real in that part of New Guinea,” Biden said, referring to the country’s main island.

Marape said in a statement on Sunday that Biden “appeared to imply his uncle was eaten by cannibals.”



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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

There Is WAAAaaaaay Too Much Here To Unpack.....

 There are so many questions and so many what ifs.... The video speaks for itself.











Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This, Is The Massachusetts Transportation Secretary.... Stop the world, I want to get off.....

 One of my fellow employees shared this video clip during lunch... wtaf?

Monica Tibbits-Nutt  ( the last name is missing an 's' )

 I'm sure those plans will attract more people to the State..

Monica Tibbits-Nutt, Gov. Maura Healey’s crewcut Secretary of Transportation, is a real nutjob.


In case you’re not familiar with this latest $196,551-a-year local poster gal for leftist lunacy, this Nutt is nuttier than a fruitcake.


“We are going after all the people,” she said recently at a public gathering of her fellow tree huggers and climate cultists, “who should be giving us money to make our transportation better.”


To elaborate, she said she is “basically going after everyone who has money.”


No, not really. Nutty Nutt makes it very clear she only fantasizes about going after everyone who works for a living. Exempt from the apparatchiks’ diktats would be the non-working classes. Aren’t they always?


We work, they don’t. Some call it equity.


The legislature could not be reached for comment.


Here are some of the cabinet secretary’s fondest dreams:


Increasing the state payroll tax.

Jacking up local excise taxes.

New tolls on all highways leading into Massachusetts.

Forcing working-class drivers out of their pick-up trucks, which she claimed are “basically” 18-wheelers.

Charging more for Uber/Lyft rides, and for package-delivery services.

Writing more speeding tickets, and suspending more drivers’ licenses, and forcing motorists to appeal the loss of their licenses at the state’s kangaroo-court hearings.

Using state policy to bludgeon citizens into submission to the Deep State — “I’ll 100 percent use it as a weapon.”

Remember, among other things, Tibbits-Nutt is suggesting cracking down on law-abiding motorists in a state where criminal illegal aliens with no licenses are allowed to drive at will, in unregistered, uninsured, uninspected low riders with absolutely no consequences whatsoever.


But for taxpaying American motorists, here’s what the Democrats have in store for you:


“We’re getting really, really aggressive. We are pushing for less warnings, more citations. I’m telling you, nothing slows down someone real quick like getting your license suspended.”


She continued:



From The Front Lines


Sunday, April 21, 2024



  I was scrolling social media earlier today and stopped to read this post which had the accompanying image...

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The SR-71 was NOT CANCELED because of the Russian/ Soviet SA-5 missile. My father and his fellow RSOs and Pilots were not worried about being shot out of the air. You have to remember that the SR-71 had more than just cameras. SR-71 had big ears. The Electronic Warfare (EW) suite listened to the radar targeting frequencies for the missiles from the missiles. There were EW antennas throughout the SR 71. Even at three times the speed of sound, The antennas would pick up the radar pulse.
The SR 71 had a very clever deception jammer. The system received a tracking radar pulse, fiddled with it, and returned it. The returning pulse was just a little stronger. The enemy would be tracking the SR 71 and would find the location, but it was FALSE. The deception jammer had drawn the trackers away from the real SR 71. The enemy thought they were tracking, and in some instances, they felt they had a straightforward kill.
But the real SR 71 was far, far away. This interests me because my father, Colonel Richard “Butch” Sheffield, and Bob Spencer collected the SA 5 radar frequency in 1971. The SR-71 was soon after this risky flight (within a few feet of Russia) able to jam the SA 5.
The other reason for the early cancellation of the SR 71 was the Generals were jealous because they ( Two of them) were rejected from the SR 71 program before they were made General. They were so vindictive that they did not promote Lieutenant Colonels to full Colonels who deserved it. They demanded that the special orange flight suit be taken away from the SR 71 Crewmembers.. it was unprofessional and wrong what the two Generals did at the Pentagon. This is the information given to me by the pilots and RSOs who flew the SR 71.
Between the jamming system, the speed, and the altitude, I believe there was no chance of a shootdown. Of course, there could’ve been one million lucky shots, but that never occurred.
Source: BlackBird Rising: birth of an Aviation legend.
Paraphrased by~ Linda Sheffield


Curly Takes The Stand...







Some Old Maps Of A Few New England States.... A Rabbit Hole If you Chose


 Map of The Province of Main

 You can embiggen HERE and scroll around <<<<



Map of  "His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire"  <<<  embiggen and scroll around




Vermont, click here to embiggen and scroll around <<<< 



 Rabbit Hole......

 You can get lost in the map aisle of the Library of Congress here <<<<











The Attitude To Have When You Have Been Paying Attention And Preparing ....


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