Friday, April 4, 2014

IF You Are A Pink Floyd Fan.. I Recommend....

Going to see  BRIT FLOYD.

They played in Manchester NH last night and it was AWESOME.


Just to give you an idea.. This Girl Ola Bienkowska NAILED Great Gig In The Sky..

To see this live last night sent shivers down your spine.....

Thursday, April 3, 2014

♫♫Lunch Time Musical Journey by Austin Texas Band "7% Solution"...♫♫

Seven Percent Solution was a rock band formed in Austin Texas who played psychedelic atmospheric rock during 1992–2003. They were a part of the 1990s shoegaze, spacerock genre but appealed to a much wider audience. Known for melodic, moody songs, they combined introspective, sensitive lyrics and vocals with an inventive and experimental use of guitars and a more "classic rock"-style rhythm section. They recorded two full-length CDs and various cassette tapes and singles. Many of their releases came in handmade covers and limited editions. Most famously their first CD All About Satellites and SpaceShips came with an extra copy of the CD in its own cover with the instruction "Give this copy to a friend".[1] The band developed a loyal following through college radio and praise from magazines such as Rolling Stone, Magnet, Option, CMJ, and Pop Culture Press. Overseas they were featured in magazines such as Losing Today and Ptolemaic Terrascope. They toured regularly throughout the United States.[2] Due to working on other projects and members relocating to other states, the band played its last shows in 2004.[2]


Never Before Seen Photo, Behind The Scene At A Democrat Brainstorming Session......

Tuesday, April 1, 2014