Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Hang on Florida!

Does this country need any more "refugees". Of course not. As most who visit here know, every aspect of our society is in a retrograde motion headed straight for ruination (this does not imply there is no hope). This insanity has to stop. Floridians could more than likely be dealing with an influx of Haiti's finest in the very near future. Washington has demonstrated that they are making zero effort to slow the invaders pouring across our southern borders, and in most cases, .gov is actually facilitating the entrance of and total care + of these illegal invaders at the cost of American taxpayers. Nobody with plans for an America with a brighter future could believe what is currently taking place in regards to to this planned operation that imports "people" will have a happy ending. It has to stop.

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H/T to Western Rifle Shooter's Association