Saturday, July 9, 2022

Remember The Artistic Fat Kid You Made Fun Of In High School For Not Playing Sports?








Every Outdoorsman Could Use "The Crap Strap"


Harness The Cat... Information Update

  For those that asked about the outdoor harness for Houdini Ceasar.

He did get out of it once but didn't venture far. I probably didn't adjust the neck area

properly once I fit his head through. Since then, he's been out a few times and has not 

gotten out of it. Once you slide it over his head you can cinch the straps and per instructions

you allow the "one finger rule" for proper fit. MAKE sure to measure per the chart for the

proper one. He is an XS size.

Human, when I get out of this "I going to cut you into little pieces."*

Here is the one we got. 

I do not get any commission or payback for the link.

I know it's Amazon so YMMV.

*bonus points if you know the reference.

Tucker Nails IT With This Monologue....

 "You can no longer fight back"

Well worth the time to watch the whole thing


Friday, July 8, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....







I'm running a bit behind schedule.... please hold....

A Tip From Your Uncle Irish... Double Check Your Order...


Yesterday, I headed out to lunch and went through the drive up at the local Dunkin' Donuts 

for my cup o' Joe. 

Medium hot, one cream only. 

Waited for the few cars in front of me.

Paid at the window and received my order.

The cup felt a cooler than usual as I placed it in the holder and proceeded on my way.

 Maybe they had turned the pot off by mistake, no biggie, it was warm out but I wasn't

in the mood for iced coffee.

I flipped the little plastic whatchamadingy and took a sip....

My pancreas shit itself.

Gasped it's last dying breath.

I felt it roll over and shrivel up.

 I'm not kidding.

 The poor little fucker just up and flat lined.

I looked at the label.

Ya, a bit too late but looked none the less....

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Headlights Tickled Something That Didn't Register In Time...

  I didn't have time to stop so I swerved to the right, ducked, leaned over and

hit the throttle.......

Almost every night I make a run up to the manure pile in the woods with the shit cart and four-wheeler.

There are 4 different routes I have cleared so I change it up a bit. It's only about 2 acres so it's not

a huge endeavor.  

This summer the weather has been damn good. Beautiful nights with light until well after 8pm.

Someone must have been looking out for me two nights ago. It was heavily overcast with

dark gray laden clouds and nightfall came early. I grabbed a beer, fired up the four-wheeler

and headed up back. It was the first time since early spring that I turned on the headlights.

The OEM lights are yellowish and low so the previous owner mounted some nice LED bar lights

to bring out the day.  I made my way out back, dumped the cart, opened the beer, sat for a minute

enjoyed the solitude and then headed back in. 

As I made my way out on a different trail, I crested the rise. Mind you, I'm in low gear, going 

5-7 mph just putting along so I don't spill my beer. I even wear safety glasses so I don't get

the potential stray branch in the eyes.

The lights illuminated something that shouldn't have been there. There has never been anything

like it on the trails for all the years I have gone up there. If I hit the brake pedal I was too close.

I goosed it, swerved right, ducked and leaned right. I passed through, felt the whisper on my 

arm and prayed that was it.  Also, I didn't spill my beer.

Last night, I cautiously approached and there was nothing.



I changed up my route tonight.  I went out the regular way and took the return loop that goes out 

along the property line.

Again, it's not that big and only takes a few minutes, if that, to drive it. I crested the rise and the 

trail from the previous night enters on my right. All the lights were on and I eased up to the intersection.

NO FUCKING WAY... I let out a low whistle. My beer became cold and froze in my hand.



aaaaaand... I'll get these out of the way before the weekend.. 

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Of Cats and Horses and Rocks and Water and ...........

   Julius and Ceasar ... and the past few weeks.

  The end of last fall, a local family, was the lucky recipient of a litter of kittens.

A stray had given birth in their pool shed and they all were given away.

We adopted the last one to offer a good home and for his older brother "Julius" 

to have a little bother.. er brother.

  Ya, a soft spot does exist in the recesses of my cold heart.



Laying on the floor in the picture below,  trying to sleep, can't catch a break.  

He's mostly a outdoor cat that showed up a couple years ago as a stray. 

 He is the typical come and go on HIS schedule and has a wonderful

BFYTW attitude.  I nicknamed him "Tabasco" for that reason.

 He also is a morning riser and wants out at zero-dark-thirty if he has graced us

 with his presence overnight.  

I don't no how he keeps better time than my iphone but damn 

near 4:30am every morning he will walk up on the pillows

 and bap you on the forehead to let him out.

  For that he has earned the additional nickname of:

"Clockwork Orange"




 Now, Ceasar aka "little fucker", is very vocal and loves to go outside.  

The problem is he is not as street smart as Julius.  

We have had him out on a harness and a couple times he has gotten 

out of it. Never when you're there. One minute there, the next, poof!

That leads to an hour or more trying to find him.

  A few days ago he was the lucky recipient of a new, no escape, harness.

 ( So they claim). 

So far so good.

It went like this:

"Awww, sleepy, I have something for you"

*yaaawn*... "Wha..what  is it human?"

"You'll see" sinister laugher

Game on and the end result.......

"Whaaaat?? the fuck??"

 "I'm not talking to you"

"Nope , still not talking to you"

"Fine, I'll just lay here and die.  I hope none of my friends see me"

They are a funny duo I tell ya.


Projects, we have projects.....


 This is the making of the last two week unplanned 'project' right here....keeping me busy.


Someone bent the yard hydrant:


 I'll give you a hint:

How it started a few weeks ago.

It's still on-going.

One thing that I did come away with during this project, so far,  is a deep deep respect

and admiration for our fore fathers that came here to New England and had 

to manually clear the land by hand and horse and oxen.  Almost every single scoop

of dirt by skid steer, backhoe, excavator or shovel, had some form of rock or boulder 

to deal with.  You can see an example of two that were pried out of the hole in the 

image above.  

Trust me, there are lots more.

We also had planned the driveway to be paved at this time and they had

to pull this beauty out of the middle of it.

It was accompanied by it's children.

There ended up being 4 boulders, in that large size range, just under the old 


Needless to say , lots going on. I'll be around.

Stay safe out there.

Top O' The Sunday Marnin' To Ya!

  Some memes to enjoy with the morning covfefe....