Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale.... Director's Cut

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Damn.. This Is New York... Grab your popcorn..

 From what I can surmise, these folks don't like the local channel.


After that, it's a different subject but this is a good READ<<

Through eight years, I accepted the rules of the game. Obama was president. He won fair and square because the Republicans serially put up two milquetoast opponents who were incapable of offering a vision or articulating a message that inspired.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Go Ahead.. Say It...

There's an opportunity in every situation....

What Do You Glean From This Graphic?

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You Would Have Called Someone Crazy If They Posted This 6 Months Ago...


The Left’s 11-step SCHEME to destroy America

#1. Keep everyone on house-arrest until the November election, where all votes will be mail-in, and every Republican vote trashed, while all Democrat votes get counted (including repeats, dead people, illegal aliens and felons).

#2. “Test” everyone for COVID-19, use false-positive tests for all Republicans, then create a database for FDA/CDC/FEMA raids for human trafficking and political prisons.

#3. Make everyone register their guns so they can be confiscated during the COVID house raids that are “for your protection/isolation/quarantine” for anyone who legally has automatic weapons (so nobody will be able to fight the communist tyranny the Left wants to install).

#4. Close all beaches and parks so nobody can get any vitamin D from the sunshine, and “debunk” the fact that zinc supplementation may just be the best defense against COVID-19.

#5. Force vaccinate every American with a fake vaccine that literally gives you coronavirus so the CDC can claim anyone they want to has the virus and can therefore be captured and taken to FEMA prisons to die (Republicans and Independents who argue with, insult or deny the Left’s narrative).

#6. Silence all dissent to communism on the internet, including Google, YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all mainstream news (including every local newspaper).

#7. Make all religious worship illegal, so nobody has any morals, ethics or hope.
#8. Continue to make “examples” of citizens who break the fake “laws” and rules of social distancing in public places. This also includes arresting anyone for participating in legal, peaceful protests of the indefinite lockdown.

#9. Keep all small businesses shuttered and threatened with fines and jail time for doing business in any way, while all corporate businesses stay open and make a fortune.

#10. Foreclose on all homes and land of the middle class to eliminate anyone who functions independently of the police state Big Brother shadow government run by the insane Democrat governors and the globalists who tell them how to function every moment of their miserable shortened lives.

#11. Last but not least: Crash the economy and the stock market, then loot all the savings and retirement accounts for everybody by having a global financial reset where your money’s no good anymore (it’s called a currency swap).

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NASY3*             Update to 3 good news.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

An Innovative Car Commercial From Volkswagen

H/T to Rusty @ Lakeshore


You Can't Change The Past...

 The Virus is out.

Bioweapon or Lab Experiment?

Planned or Accidental Release?

Extremely Deadly or Bad Flu?

Shutdown or Herd Immunity?

What to believe.

Right now that past is what it is. It cannot be changed.

The present is.

The future?

 As all the puzzle pieces are being turned over and exposed, so, what is "THEIR" long game?


A much needed reprieve from COVID-1984 and OsamaGate

Bad Bunny 🐰

Itty Bitty Bounce

Perfect 🍑

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Was Ahmaud really just out for a jog? Was this a citizens arrest gone awry? Was it a case where a repeat offender got caught trying to burglarize a home and then was chased down and shot as he tried to take a shotgun from the homeowner? Were the father and son racists just out hunting black men? There isn't enough reliable information to call it.

Trayvon Martin Redeux

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this controversial shooting that took place in Brunswick, GA back in February. The media, as usual, is using this shooting to divide a community by omitting important facts and  embellishing half truths. Arbery's (alleged burglar who ran) troubles are now over and the McMichael's (the guys in the truck who shot Arbery and in my opinion, screwed up) are just beginning. Naturally, Joe Biden, Lebron James, and others have jumped on the bandwagon to appease certain groups and demonize others. Where were these "do-gooders" and their outrage two years ago when two young black males walked up to a young white mother pushing her infant son in a stroller, shot her, and then shot her 13 month old baby with the "bluest eyes" right between them? This took place in the same city while the two young black males were attempting to rob her? 

Read more HERE.

You wouldn’t know all this if your source of news is ordinary, formerly-respected media outlets.

Shhhh, the numbers are dropping  

Here’s some contraband, some non-fake news. If you repeat it, you might get face-masked. If you’re a nail salon owner trying to feed your family, you might get thrown in jail. I assume it will be banned from Facemaskbook.

Here it is. The virus numbers are dropping. In hard-hit Italy and Spain, the numbers peaked around the end of March – over five weeks ago. Both daily new cases and daily deaths are now down over 70%, as shown in these graphs.