Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Femme Fatale....


This Marine Asks A Simple Question...

  Go watch the two videos posted over at



♫♫ Different Strings... Rush ♫♫

Who's come to slay the dragon?
Come to watch him fall?
Making arrows out of pointed words,
Giant killers at the call?
Too much fuss and bother,
Too much contradiction and confusion.
Peel away the mystery,
Here's a clue to some real motivation.

All there really is,
The two of us
And we both know why we've come along.
Nothing to explain,
It's a part of us
To be found within a song.

What happened to our innocence,
Did it go out of style?
Along with our naivete
No longer a child.
Different eyes see different things,
Different hearts beat on different strings.
But there are times
For you and me, when all such things agree.

Floor IT!

Subliminal Lunch Suggestion....

Must Be One Of Uncle Bubba's Girls....

When You Subcontract Your Stuff To Companies That Hire Idiots.....

  think about that next time you're 30,000 feet in the air and you're looking at the engine.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

After A Day Of Blizzarding.....

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things.....

compiled and submitted by AFOI
** LONG.  READ IT.  If you only read ONE of the links in this set, make it this one.  This one needs
to go viral.
** Because it's the Left - the one that coddles and nurtures every lower emotion, whether lust, or
envy, etc.  Related:
** And remember THIS model exemplar of tolerance:
** READ. IT. ALL.  And some of the text is quoted from the "colorful" piece here:
** Salty language, but appropriate.  Quote: "Donald Trump getting the White House was, to the modern day Left in this
country, the exact same as Abraham Lincoln getting the White House in 1860 was to the Southern States. We are, make no
mistake, in a Civil War. Fort Sumter is past, folks. Seriously. Wake the fuck up already."
>> These people are out, risking harm, to FIGHT for what they want.  They are True Believers.  SO FAR they have not
encountered much resistance.  That will change; as people on the Right grasp that they're GOING to get a beatdown
when these ANTIFA people show up, they'll proactively start shooting.  And then ANTIFAs will arm up.
** EXCELLENT essay showing the absolute impenetrability of the Left to information that doesn't match
what they already believe.
** Because people make decisions EMOTIONALLY, and once a decision has been so made, once
a conclusion has been arrived at through emotions, facts have a very hard time getting through.
On that:
** Lies get around the world, people react emotionally.
** TRULY SUICIDAL.  Somewhat related:
** We're drugging and entertaining our way to cultural collapse.  

At That Moment , All Was Well...

This Is Exactly How It Goes Around Here.....

It Could Be.... Toxoplasma Gondii, Parasite In Cat Feces, Linked To Schizophrenia And Other Mental Illness

Linked To Schizophrenia And Other Mental Illness

From the earl

Battening Down The Hatches....

All Those In Favor Should Have Been Dragged From The Meeting And Horsewhipped Until Their Bowels Turned Loose!

Prominent Republicans, who are either fools or the enemies of Liberty (maybe both), pitched a plan to the White House that would tax carbon dioxide. I believe these Quislings are on the take. I do not believe there is a politician in this country who doesn't realize what defeated the left/demorats/commies in the last election. Make a list and check it twice.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

50 Degrees Plus Here Today,,, Tomorrow Is Another Story.....

 Spring fever was brief ......

Bleached Denim Short Shorts....

I'm Just Wondering How In The Hell That Wild Indian Got Off the Reservation! LOL

Republicans voted to rebuke known liar Elizabeth "Fauxahontas" (A.K.A. Screeching Owl Who Speaks With Forked Tongue) Warren. In a move that shocked the conservative world, enemy of the Constitution, Mitch McConnell finally showed some sack for the RIGHT and led the Senate in a vote to give "Fauxahontas" a dressing down she deserved for "impugning" Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Apparently "Fauxahontas" was rambling on some bullshit about Coretta Scott King in her speech opposing Sessions when the Republicans decided they'd had enough. 


sent in by reader Russ.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Christie Brinkley 63, Is Back In Her Swimsuit for Sports Illustrated With Her Daughters

Click HERE for the story

H/T to Bob in KY

Dumb and Dumber

Two armed men wearing body armor and carrying firearms and cameras were arrested Sunday at a Michigan police headquarters in a confrontation live streamed on the internet. 

Fellows, there are much safer ways to lodge a complaint.

                                                                                                   Read the story here.

H/T to Bob in KY

A Book About Proving Out First Op Program On a CNC*....

* not really but the title nails it.